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Connection Instructions

    Our DialzipTM dialup network is compatible with all Linux operating systems.  Linux is open source and has several default dialers.  Check your Linux documentation for which dialer your system supports.  If you do not know, try the Universal Dialer or the command line dialer. Please note most Linux dialers do not have dymanic DNS and therfore require DNS addresses. Please contact us if we forget to provide you with these settings.  To setup your account properly you should be familiar with the dialup protocols of your operating system. 

    Setup for Linux using the Command Line  (PPPD):

Please check if you have access to the other Linux options before using this option.  This option uses the command line only and should work with all Linux operating systems.

1.) Create a text file named /etc/ppp/peers/dial-isp
with only one line in it
pppd connect 'chat -v "" ATDT123-1234 CONNECT "" ' /dev/modem 115200 debug crtscts defaultroute modem +ua ~/.ppp_login

2.) Create a second text file named /etc/ppp/peers/.ppp_login
with your username and password on lines one and two

3.) Make the dial-isp executable with command chmod 755 /etc/ppp/peers/dial-isp

4.) Run command dial-isp