Modems are the hardware installed into your computer that allows you to connect to the internet via your phone line. Most computers have modems installed into them by default.

We support all modem types and all of our dialup numbers are compatible with your modem regardless of its type. You may have a 56K, v.90, v.92 or some other type of modem. This simply indicates how your modem compresses data and you should not worry too much about this.

v.90 and v.92 are compression protocols that modems use to send data quickly over a phone line, with v.92 being the higher compression. Newer modems support v.92 protocols, but if you don't have this it is perfectly fine: We must stress that you can use any modem type on any of our dial-up numbers, because all modems are backward compatible.

Advanced v.92 features: The following features may work when you use a v.92 modem in conjunction with any v.92 access number that we offer:

(1) Enhanced speed: v.92 supports up to 60% faster uploads and downloads, which means you will get a faster, crisper internet experience. Photos you send will go out faster and web pages will pop-up quicker.
(2) Faster connects: v.92 connects you to the internet on average 50% faster than normal, which means you get online faster. This can and does shave more than ten seconds off your connection attempt.
(3) Modem-on-hold: v.92 allows you to be alerted of an incoming call, take the voice call, and then resume your internet session as if nothing has ever happened. This allows you to share one phone line for voice and data, saving you money. Please note that this ability is dependant on you having call waiting service from your phone company AND on the modem software you are running. Please refer to the software your modem came with for installation details on this feature.

Why don't v.90 modems support these features? v.92 is a brand new protocol. Older modems do not use the same compression and are incapable of understanding call waiting signals from the phone company. Please note that v.90 have been used for years. It offers a quality internet experience and we fully support it. It just doesn't come with the bells and whistles of v.92 service.

What do I need to make v.90 or v.92 work? For v.90 you need any common modem. For v.92 you need a v.92 support modem. These are available now everywhere. You will see v.92 on the box.

Will your internet speed acceletator work with my modem? Our speed accelerator allows you to browse the internet 2-5 times faster than normal. This service will work with all modem types!

What is ISDN? ISDN is a special dial protocol which requires a special isdn line be installed by your phone company (usually) and requires that you own an isdn modem. ISDN provides faster internet access than normal modems but should be utilized only by experts. 99% of you will not use isdn and can ignore this information.