Connecting to the internet through us is easy. There is no special software to install. Your current operating system does the work by itself.

First off all, enter your area code in our local access number search box and find a local number that is right for you. We operate several different networks, so if you have a choice in your area choose the one that has the most local numbers in your area. Then click on order to sign up for service. We will activate your account and you will receive a startup email with all the instructions you need to get started with your connection, email boxes, etc. If you order during business hours you will normally be activated same day.

You do not need to download any software or receive any CDrom from us to use our service. The software to connect and use the internet is already in your computer!

Configuring your computer to dial into our service is easy. Whether you use Windows (any type) or a Mac, we have specific 1-2-3 instructions which get you on-line in moments. It just takes a few mouse clicks.

What software do I use to access the internet? Our connections are standard internet connections which means once you are on-line, you can use ANY internet program and it will work. For instance you can use the Microsoft or Netscape web browsers (or any other type of browser), any email program, etc, etc. Chances are you already have all the software you need on your computer. But, if you need any connection software we can provide it free of charge.