Net Speed Accelerator Service is an enhancement to our normal internet service. It allows you to browse the internet at typical speeds of 5-20 times that of normal. It does this by compressing data and images at the server level before there are transferred to you.

The system allows you to tailor your acceleration to meet your needs. You can choose to compress images or regular data, and even enable pop-up ad blocking technology to get rid of unwanted ads and speed up your experience even more.

CompatibilityThis optional service is compatible with all modems (even ISDN modems) and all of our dialup numbers. It is currently available for Windows based computers (Windows 95 or higher) and now MACs as well (MacOS X or higher).

WHAT IMPROVEMENT WILL I SEE? The amount of speed up will depend on the type of websites you visit and what their content is. So results can vary greatly, however, the system does greatly improve browsing speed. And multiplied over a whole day of browsing, it is quite a time saver. To see a demo of how some typical sites react, please click here.

WHAT IS THE COST OF THIS SERVICE? The cost of accelerator service is 99 cents per month. This includes the software and the service.