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Connection Instructions

    Our DialzipTM dialup network is compatible with all Linux operating systems.  Linux is open source and has several default dialers.  Check your Linux documentation for which dialer your system supports.  If you do not know, try the Universal Dialer or the command line dialer. Please note most Linux dialers do not have dymanic DNS and therfore require DNS addresses. Please contact us if we forget to provide you with these settings.  To setup your account properly you should be familiar with the dialup protocols of your operating system. 

    Setup for Linux using the Universal Dialer: 

If you don't have other Linux dialers, chances are you have Linuxconf which is located inside of GNOME.  Linuxconf's PPP configuration section is fairly simple and if you need help or further documentation at any time just click on the HELP key located inside of Linuxconf.

1.) Start Linuxconf.  You should see something like the image below.

2.) Click and open the CONFIG box then the NETWORKING box and then the CLIENT TASKS box.  There will be an section called PPP/SLIP/PLIP

3.) Click on PPP/SLIP/PLIP.  You should now see a box called PPP/Slip/Plip CONFIGURATIONS and directly below that a list of all current PPP devices.

4.) Click on the ADD button.

5.) Enter the primary phone number you will use to connect to our network, select your modem or search for one.  Make sure the PAP authentication box is checked active.  Lastly, enter your USERNAME (login name) and PASSWORD that we provided you in your startup email exactly.

6.) Click ACCEPT.

7.) Activate the new PPP link by going back into Linux conf and selecting CONTROL and then CONTROL PANELS and then CONTROL PPP/SLIPLINKS.  You should see the new PPP device that you just created appear.  Click on the new one you just created.

8.) Click YES when asked if you want to activate the connection.

9.) If you are not already connected, use the command line command of
netconf --connect pppsetup --fore

10.) To disconnect use
netconf --disconnect pppsetup