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Internet Connection Services:

    faster v.92 internet access · Over 4000 access numbers
    · Over 52 thousand newsgroups
    · EZ one minute setup
    · No long term contracts
    · National ISDN access numbers:
      one and two band available 
    · Even faster w/Accelerator
    · Spam Assassin email protection
    · Available Content Filtering for Children
    Spam AssassinISDN is a special dialup service that requires a special phone line from your phone company and a ISDN modem. Once you have these items sign up for ISDN service with us. We have one and two band ISDN numbers available, please check our current network lists.

    NEW: NET SPEED DIALUP ACCELERATOR: Load pages 3-5 times faster and get blistering broadband speed from your ISDN account. Save time for things that really matter. Customizable from your disktop to meet your specific needs with advanced featured such as ad blocking, image and file compression. | more info |

    $26 a month.....no hassles, no long-term contracts

Internet Access Account Features
Account Capabilities: Pricing:
·Same day activation
· 300 total band hours/month
· Blistering 64-128K speeds typical
· Even faster with Accelerator!
· EZ setup docs
· Newsgroups: on dual servers.
· 3 Email Boxes (POP and WebMail!)
· Spam Control [Spam Assassin]
· 24/7 Emergengy Tech Paging #
· 24/7 Phone Tech Support #

  Optional services:
· Dialup Accelerator

  What we support:
· Windows, Mac and Linux
· All modem types

$26.00 a month

No long-term payments needed!
Never a setup fee.
Lower pricing available for one band use. 

*Dialup accelerator results were obtained through the system's default tests using all enabled compression protocols. Individual results may vary depending on which websites you frequent.