General VPS FAQ
Does root access come with a VPS?
What operating systems and control panels does you VPS support?
Can I run multiple and unlimited websites?
Can I upgrade software myself? (Apache, Cpanel, PHP, MySQL etc.)
Will other VPS webmasters be able to crash the server?
What is Burst Ram and SLM Ram Management?
What standard programs are available on the VPS?
Can I install other programs of my choice?
Can I use Tomcat, Java, Cold Fusion, etc?
Do you allow adult content?

  Do I get root access?
Root access comes with all VPS accounts, allowing you to take full control of your server much like if it was a true dedicated server.  You can install whatever custom software you want.  A VPS does of course not give you direct access to server hardware.
  What operating systems and control panels can I use?
Depending on your configuration, our VPS servers currently support the CentOS, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Suse or Debian O/S. For control panels all panels come with a Virtuozzo Panel interface for reboots and service monitoring.

For advanced control panels, we offer Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, or DirectADMIN.  Please note that all Cpanel and Plesk configurations will be setup with CentOS as it is the most stable for these panels to run on.  When no control panel is installed a Virtuozzo power panel is installed to control VPS operaions.

What setup do you recommend?  The most stable setup and the one most supported by hosts all over the world is CentOS matched with Cpanel/WHM.  This is also the setup most of our shared and dedicated servers run on so we know it well.

  Can I host multiple websites?
Yes, you may create as many accounts as you like in relation to the limits of the control panel you install.
  Can I upgrade software myself? (Apache, Cpanel, PHP, MySQL etc.)
Yes. Because you have root access, you can upgrade any piece of software you want to any version you want.
  Will other server clients be able to crash the server?
Normally no!  A VPS is not affected by other clients.  Abnormal conditions such as DOS attacks can exist just like with any other server.
  What is bursting and SLM Management?
Your VPS comes with a set allocation of RAM which is always available for your system to use. In addition to this your VPS will also come with either BURST RAM or SLM RAM.

BURST: If your VPS has bursting and requires additional resources, it will pull them from the available resource pool (this is a burst) and return them when they are no longer needed.  So if you have a temporary spike, the resource pool will normally cover you. SLM: If your VPS has SLM Management, in the event your VPS uses all of its physical RAM SLM will automatically delay the execution of processes to wait for more RAM to become available. After this it intelligently decides which processes to kill to maintain a running system. Kind of like having a manager watching your processes 24 hours a day. On the kernel level it also decides what should be preempted to swap in the system and which data is most rarely used. This is more efficient from overall performance point of view.

  What other programs are available on the VPS?
The following can be installed into your VPS in a short few clicks.  We recommend Cpanel/WHM to easily install the following.

JDK 1.4.2_02
JRE 1.4.2_02
JRun4 4.0
PHP 4 and 5
Zend Optimizer
MySQL 4+ and 5+ PostgreSQL
Front Page Extensions
Open WebMail
IMP WebMail
Spam Assasins
UW IMAP & POP3 Server 2001a-18
Guestbook Scripts
SI Webalizer
Web statistic analyzer
  Can I install my own programs?
As you have full root access, you may install any other program that your O/S may support.  Of course, programs that are seen as dangerous to server or network operations or violating our rules are not allowed.
  Can I use Tomcat, Java, Cold Fusion, etc?
Since you have root access you can install anything you want.  We have custmers running such things as Tomcat, JBoss, Resin, ProgresSQL, Weblogic and Cold Fusion with no problems.  Normally running these type of application servers requires a higher RAM/memory plan.  Keep in mind that any custom installations are your responsibility.  We can not directly provide support and debug for such.

 Do you allow adult content?

Most VPS setups can support adult content. But please ask first. We have special servers for adult content specially balanced for those kind of websites.