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As part of the creation of the Saturn universe, the artists Mickey Goins, Mary Hoy and Aharon Robinowitz have been kind enough to create prototype artwork for this project.  The following represents ongoing work to that end.  Please note that all work seen here is copyrighted and cannot be used anywhere else without express permission.  All rights are reserved.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the gallery.  There is lots more to come.

Coming soon...more conceptual animations and artwork.  Stay tuned.
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Designed in a joint effort between Mickey and myself, this trailer brings out bits and pieces of some of the exterior action during Saturn's Rings.  The question is, how do the scenes presented fit in to the story?  I'm not telling.  Special thanks to Mickey who worked very hard on this effort.

Make special note of a time-lapse view of Earth's demise, a new flyer design, the RRB bots flying above the archology, as well as a brief glimpse at another main female character, Toren.  Why don't we show you her eyes?

Prototype Stills A First look at the Saturn Archology

Photos copyright Mickey Goins
Saturn concepts are copyright William J Piniarski


A cell from an animation prototype, created by Mickey Goins.  This model shows the main archology bubble as well as an extended section on the top of the bubble reserved for the Uppers.  In the distance we see the parallel tubeways which lead to the ill-fated Pandora station.

In the Saturn Trilogy, the Earth is a dead world, where metathorine gas has converted the oxygen to a pinkish red, acidic substance.  We see the red gas storms in the distance and a barren home.

Photos copyright Mickey Goins
Saturn concepts are copyright William J Piniarski

An archology concept photo, created by Mickey Goins, in which a second dome was placed on top the main Saturn dome.  This mid piece was taken off to render the image seen above.  The Upper area is still present above.  In this shot you can see a great view of the tubeways and the support structures which makes up the transport system.

As seen different textures for the main bubble are under consideration, as well as basic landscape design.

Photos copyright Mary Hoy
Character copyright William J Piniarski

Nova Codiere is the very young Enjoy between the normal populous and the controlling Uppers. She rose to power after her father's untimely death.

The Envoy's clothing is entirely white from top to bottom.  Nova even sports a white head piece.  Clothes are loose but regal.

| an additional concept shot |

Photos copyright Aharon Robinowitz
Character copyright William J Piniarski

A shot of Nova in full dress and a few years older that you may have seen on the way into the website..  Note the pink accents which will not appear in her ensemble till sometime in Saturn's Rising (book two).  They are there for a reason but would I tell you that? 

Photos copyright Mary Hoy
Character copyright William J Piniarski

Pascal is a scientific robot, created by altering a interior archology maintenance bot.  Its mid struts are designed by compact or extend the robot for certain tasks, such as entering maintenance ducts.  Its arms can also swing 360 around its torso.  As with all virtual-sentience robots, Pascal has a very unique personality.

| concept shot of the bot's pincers |

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