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Promotion: Get your site noticed 


Search Engine Submission:

Submit to 30+ of the top search engines instantly through the Submititexpress gateway.  We use this tools ourselves.  They are reliable and most of all, they are free.  Make sure your email address is valid when you use the system, as many search engines will try to contact you to confirm the submission.

Note: Before submitted yourself make sure to use the tools below, else your site may not get indexed properly.

Search Engine Tools:

Generate Meta Tags:  Meta Tags are little pieces of code that help tell a search engine what your site is about.  Most importantly, they generate a description of your site based on Title and keywords.  For instance, when you use a search engine, if you were going to use a phrase to find your site, what would you use?  What would other people use?  Think about it.  Choosing the right keywords can make the difference.  Also, make sure your site title is specific and uses keywords as well.

Keyword Generator:  Suggests popular words and phrases based on a keyword that you enter. Helps you think of other related keywords to concentrate on and focus advertising on.

Meta Tag Analysis:  Analysis of the number of keywords on your site. Checks your titles, description and body and suggests additional or removal of words for better results.

Analyze Your Site:  The best way to improve your search engine is you look up a competitor's site with a keyword phrase that your site also uses.  Then run the analyze tool on both your URL and your competitor's URL and see how your site's differ.  Website load time, keyword placement, keyword density: it all matters.  A site isn't listed higher than you by chance.

Check Your Site Popularity:  The most important search engines use various techniques to list you higher.  The most modern of these is site popularity.  How many sites link to you is important.  Contact webmasters and exchange links with them, especially if they have a similiar site.  If no one is linking to your site, some search engines will consider your site irrelevant.  This may seem harsh, but this is how their automated systems see it.  Also, here is a hint: when asking webmasters to link to you, format the link using keywords that are important to you.   Search engines use incoming links as keyword determiners.

See What Spiders See:  Spiders (or robots) are automated drones sent out from search engine to list and re-list your site.  They basically can see only text, so if your home page uses a lot of images be careful, spiders will throw your listing out.  Make sure your text includes important keywords.  Also, content higher up is usually treated with more weight.  Test your site to see what the spiders do, and improve presentation.