Nameservers simply control where domain names point. They are like an universal address that points to your server. Every user you signup will give their registry a nameserver, linking it to your server account (for instance and

As a reseller you have the opportunity to setup your own transparent nameservers (optional). Users you create will not be able to see our default nameservers and thus your service will look even more professional. For instance, wouldn't you rather tell your customers to use instead of

STEP ONE: (register a domain name) You must own a domain name to create nameservers. You can do this at any registry. However, we highly suggest you take the time to register the name you will be using for your nameservers directly through us. There are several reasons to do this, the most important are (1) Once you register a name directly through us we can handle all the additional steps for you (2) We can troubleshoot any problems directly (3) If you server IP addresses ever need to be updated or there is ever an emergency DNS issue, we can manage these changes without bothering you and without additional down-time. For $15 a year there is really no reason not to directly use us. To signup for a domain name to use as a namserver please visit this link.

STEP TWO: (create your nameservers) If you use us as your registry you can skip this step, as we will do the work for you. Othwerwise contact your registry for specific information on how to define nameservers. We will coordinate this process with you and give you the IP addresses to assign each nameserver.

STEP THREE: (using your nameservers) It can take 2-5 days for all the world to recognize your new nameservers. After that time you will be able to use them with all present and future domains you use with your reseller account. PS...if you don't want to go through this process, you are welcome to use our default namservers. It is simply a free way we offer to make your service more transparent.