You want to put a website up on the internet but don't know the first thing about doing so? We've been doing this for 12 years but we were once in your shoes, so we understand. It's really not that difficult. Follow these steps and your done, seriously:

1) Choose a domain name: Your domain name is what people enter to view your site on the internet. IE or are domain names. You don't need to know anything about how domain names work or the registration procedures. We handle all of that for you. Your only job is to pick a domain name.

Most of the small or common ones are already taken. Only one person can own any particular name. You can test to see if your choice is available by visiting our homepage. Enter your name choice in the middle of the screen and press go. Our system will quickly determine if your desired name is available.

If it is, write it down and enter it when you order your website account with us. We'll secure it for you and configure it to work on the internet.

2) Choose your website account: The hosting account is where your website physically resides and that is pretty much all you need to know. We maintain it for you and handle all of its technical aspects. We have a special low-cost website account (called the EZ account) designed for new webmasters with no coding knowledge. You can sign up for it here.

3) Wait for us to create your new account: We'll register your domain name in your legal name and get your account linked to it. This takes usually 0-2 biz days. You will receive an email when the process is done.

4) Design your website: If you purchased the EZ account then we'll send you a link to your EZ website editor. This is all you need to get your site up in seconds. Simply logon, answer a few questions and build your site using a number of pre-loaded templates.

You can edit your creation at any time from the same editor. To preview how easy the editor is to use, you can use our builder editor demo at any time. You can even try it free for 15 days and build your site before you signup!

5) Setup your email boxes: You can get email with your website too. And you don't need any software to access it. As part of your hosting package, we give you a special interface where you can name and create your email boxes and assign them passwords. IE, if your domain name is then you can create boxes like easily.

After you define them in the interface they are ready to go. You can retrieve and send email using any web browser or any email program like Microsoft Outlook.