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Domain Name Support and Registration

Domain Names: We support all available internet domain names 
Building the WebDomain names (real domains) are in the form: We support all domain names on the internet coming from any domain name registry, foreign and domestic, and also can register some of the most common for you directly.  If you need to register or transfer a domain name to your website hosting account we handle all of the paperwork for you whenever possible and coordinate your effort.  Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible.

When you use a domain name on our systems, you automatically get support for all of the name's variations.  For instance, if your domain name is peter.com, the web address PETER.com, PeTeR.com, and www.peter.com will also work automatically.

Most hosting accounts can hold and host several domain names, not just one.  So if you want to overlap domains or point domains to different directories (called mapping), you do have that option.

Domain Names Registered Directly Through Us:

Registration Fees: If you choose to use our domain name registration service you may order a .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .ws or .us.  Domains registration through us costs just $15 per year (new website customer special: first year currently just $3.99 for COM NET ORG BIZ INFO AND US)

You can of course register your domains anywhere and we will support them normally.  However, registering your names "directly" through us holds many advantages.  The most significant is that we are able to monitor and maintain direct control over your domain name which gives us heads up on any emergencies.  DNS changes, if any are needed, can be totally handled by our staff, leaving no work for you do ever do.  Also registering through us means that you pay for hosting and domain registration all in one place, as well as domain renewals.  And our registration costs are usually much cheaper, so why not take advantage of all these perks?

Once again we must stress that we support all domain names. If you choose not to register directly through us, or if your domain name is of a different suffix (for instance .uk) we will fully support it.

Domain Names Registered Elsewhere:

You can us any domain name with us regardless of where you registered your domain name at.  It is as simple as telling you registry where to point the domain.  Our staff is an expert in this process and will guide you through it.

Transfer of Registries to Us:

If you have had previous problems with your domain name registry, we can take over as your registry. We are experts at this process and have switched thousands of people's domain names over the years. For more info click here.

Other Common Questions:

What advantages does a domain name give me?

You literally own a domain name and can move it from server to server whenever you want.  It is portable and for any long-term internet project a domain name is a must have.  The costs associated with it are worth it.  Changing web addresses can be detrimental to your website promotion and business; having a domain name locks in your address permanently.

To check on a name's availability click here.

How to I purchase a domain?

If this is your first domain, order it in conjunction with a website account.  To add an additional domain to an existing WEBster Computing Services website account click here.

Server DNS Support Fees:

Server DNS Maintenance fees are what it costs to maintain a domain on a website server, monitor domain systems and keep the DNS registry updated.  Most companies hide this fee in their account pricing.  We'd rather show it to you upfront: $1/month for your first domain name, or any subsequent MAPPED domain name (waived for parked domains, reseller, VPS, dedicated and some other large account types). Parked domains are free of charge.

A parked domain name is overlapped onto your primary website domain name, so you can point multiple domains to the same account.  A Mapped domain is pointed to a specific directory in your website account.  With mapped domains you can setup different websites using just one website account.  A held domain name is a domain you want us to register and hold for future use.  We will hold any domain for you for free.