Emergency Outage Pager

Datacenter Pager

Our live pager allows you to report any critcial outage to the date center in real-time. This area may only be used for outages. Open a normal support ticket for other issues.

Enter all requested data below and a server tech will be paged instantly. Correct usernames and passwords are vital for us to test your issue properly. Please make sure to follow-up any page with a support ticket which greater explains your situation.


If you own a dedicated server with us list the primary IP address of your server, else list the domain name of your website account.

Please do not to enter an email address you currently can't receive to.

Please enter a very detailed description of your problem including anything that can help us recreate the problem and any other logins we could need. Your computer's IP address will be sent with this report to us.

Is Your Site Actually Down?

Sometimes you may have local PC problems or may be locked out of the firewall. Check if your website is actually down to the world by using the link below.


Known Issues

A copy of our status board is below. Please review it before sending a page, as your issue may already be known.