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This chat may not, in whole or in part, be reprinted or redistributed, without the express written consent of William J Piniarski.  All material contained herein is based on the speculations of the participants and is in no way intended to be an official or authoritative pronouncement about the status of Crusade, or the legal obligations of Warner Bros., Turner Network Television, Babylonian Productions, or Netter Digital. 

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[19:31] <webcs> greetings all
[19:31] <a_blip> hi
[19:32] <RingSongs> hey will
[19:32] *** HeatherTim (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[19:32] <RingSongs> hey T&h
[19:32] <HeatherTim> Hi
[19:32] <webcs> hi T&H, glad to see you
[19:33] <HeatherTim> glad we could make it this time
[19:33] <RingSongs> will, what we taklin about in todays chat?
[19:33] <webcs> appreciated....especially good so we can discuss the new buttons
[19:34] <HeatherTim> wanted to ask... do I need to send you anything - images etc. - button wise
[19:34] <webcs> no planned guest this time...was trying to get the webmaster from Sliders to come to discuss the scifi channel $$$ issue but he would not return his emails...sill aot to talk about
[19:34] <webcs> would appreciate it if you emailed me a button image so I can properly promote it and link info
[19:35] <RingSongs> Farscap season premiere is on the 17th.   :)
[19:35] <webcs> what's the pricing?
[19:35] <HeatherTim> do you want all 7 designs?
[19:35] <RingSongs> Will: I told Boothby about it, who knows if hes coming or not
[19:35] <HeatherTim> We're not selling them (legal issues) but we are giving them as thank you gifts for those who donate to the campaign
[19:36] <webcs> thats what I meant...whats the deal on the donation amount then?
[19:36] <webcs> what are they made out of too?
[19:37] <HeatherTim> $10 + donation and we send one button of your choice
[19:37] <HeatherTim> $30 + and we send all seven
[19:37] <RingSongs> what is the donation $ going for?
[19:37] <webcs> choices...terrific
[19:37] <HeatherTim> They are 3" round buttons - metal back with a pin and plastic over the design on the front
[19:37] <RingSongs> I know its not an ad, since theres no point in that, so whats the money for...
[19:37] <webcs> mayvbe you could get some of the actors to autograph a few and offer them in a special donation amount for really big donations.
[19:37] <HeatherTim> Donations pay for making buttons and flyers to be passed out by Crusade actors at Sci-Fi cons
[19:38] *** galan2002 ( has joined #scifi
[19:38] <galan2002> hello
[19:39] <webcs> asked me a few times about online money luck a new NO FEE service just opened called is perfect for this
[19:39] <HeatherTim> Its a good idea - but do you think people would want autographed buttons rather than photos or something like that?
[19:40] <webcs> hey....offer long as they are limited edition your gonna get some good donations izes
[19:40] <HeatherTim> Will, could you send us the address/info for PAYPAL and we'll check it out
[19:41] * a_blip sent info about paypal to Alisa while ago
[19:41] <webcs> its the deal on it
[19:41] <a_blip> I think I cced you too
[19:41] <HeatherTim> okay - I'll look for it in the emails - thanks
[19:41] <webcs> There are NO fees.  ANyone who has a credit card can use it.  You dont need to be a merchant.  Its for personal person to person transfers
[19:42] <webcs> not only they but they will PAY YOU $10 to signup!!!!!!
[19:42] <webcs> You can deposit and withdraw money at any time once again for no fees
[19:42] <a_blip> And $10 for referals (or have they stopped that now)
[19:42] <webcs> Rings:  also looking forward to Farscape's premier and the return of GvsE
[19:43] <webcs> I dont know...might still be doing it
[19:43] <RingSongs> whats gvse?
[19:43] <webcs> HeatherT....who designed the buttons you??
[19:43] <a_blip> Good vs. Evil
[19:44] <webcs> Good vs. Evil moves to SciFi this week, formally on USA
[19:44] <RingSongs> ohh
[19:44] <RingSongs> is it part of sci fi prime?
[19:44] <webcs> Yes..friday
[19:44] <RingSongs> Dang! SFC sucks, they need to put Crusade where Sliders was...err
[19:44] <HeatherTim> we'll check it out - just a little cautious since we had trouble with credit cards last time
[19:44] <a_blip> It's wacky but fun
[19:44] <webcs> theres an example of two networks that now how to work together...
[19:44] <HeatherTim> Heather designed the buttons
[19:44] <RingSongs> yes, well USA owns Sci Fi
[19:44] <a_blip> Paypal has some *major* backers
[19:44] <webcs> WB unfortunately isn't as easy to work it otherwise B5 would have moved to WB easily.
[19:45] <RingSongs> B5 isnt the type of show to go on WB
[19:45] <webcs> Paypal is the real deal...they are signing up 9000 peoplea day.
[19:45] <RingSongs> the closest they ahve to Sci FI is E:FC
[19:45] <webcs> EFC is not part of the WB network, its syndicated
[19:45] <RingSongs> Its on the WB Network, and owned by it, lol
[19:45] <webcs> Early on in WB's developement it would have fit in.
[19:46] <RingSongs> just lik Deep Space Nine was syndicated but it was sitll owned by UPN and on UPN..
[19:46] <a_blip> Have ppl read the recent reports of new troubles for E:FC
[19:46] <RingSongs> I havent watched E:FC since the middle of the first season
[19:47] <webcs> Magel is always saying something new...that series is a failure all around.  I'm really dissapointed in Majel.  The whole point of that show was to tell a story and now she doesnt care anymore
[19:47] <webcs> Now she just announced they will be doing STAND ALONE episodes ONLY!  Pointless.
[19:47] <RingSongs> whats this series JMS was supposedly working on..
[19:47] <webcs> World on Fire????
[19:47] *** cool_chick_2006 (cybernaut@12.2.109.***) has joined #scifi
[19:48] <webcs> hi cool chick
[19:48] <cool_chick_2006> hi all
[19:48] <cool_chick_2006> hi tom5
[19:48] <cool_chick_2006> hi web
[19:48] <tom5> hey!
[19:48] <cool_chick_2006> a/s/l?
[19:48] <RingSongs> cool chick, thats a different name, no offense, lol
[19:48] <webcs> lol
[19:48] <RingSongs> ah, I take it ur not from the SaveCrusade list?
[19:48] <cool_chick_2006> it's ok
[19:48] <RingSongs> lol
[19:49] <webcs> ANyways, Gene R. is rolling in his grave, I know it.
[19:49] <cool_chick_2006> a/s/l????
[19:49] <tom5> My plan for saving "Crusade": when the Toyota MR2-Spyder gets released in a few weeks, we get every B5 fan to test drive one.
[19:49] <a_blip> ca. 300/unknown/Mars
[19:49] <webcs> haha
[19:49] <RingSongs> 14/m/ca
[19:49] <cool_chick_2006> lmao
[19:49] <RingSongs> lol
[19:49] <tom5> Toyota then sponsors "Crusade" on whichever network.
[19:50] <webcs> H&T: you know is allisa is coming tonight?
[19:50] <tom5> Sure...
[19:50] <HeatherTim> don't know
[19:51] <a_blip> nope
[19:51] <webcs> I agree with her though that the battle is just about over from our vantage point.  All we can do now is keep the organization alive for the future.
[19:51] <HeatherTim> The time when things can really happen is when B5 gets free from TNT...
[19:52] <RingSongs> B5 WILL go to sci fi
[19:52] <webcs> B5 is free from TNT...
[19:52] <cool_chick_2006> hey Rings do you have ICQ!
[19:52] <RingSongs> whether or not crusade happens
[19:52] <RingSongs> i just know it
[19:52] <webcs> Crusade isn't yet
[19:52] <HeatherTim> about a year from now - when B5 hits reruns on a channel that supports it - things could happen
[19:52] <a_blip> Crusade is in a "cryo tube" :)
[19:52] <RingSongs> no its not
[19:52] <RingSongs> its on sat's at 7 am
[19:52] <RingSongs> Yes I have ICQ
[19:52] <webcs> wait a minute, its the other way around isnt it...sorry
[19:52] <HeatherTim> We need to keep people interested until them
[19:52] <cool_chick_2006> Whats your icq #?
[19:52] <RingSongs> 15661136
[19:53] <HeatherTim> Will, other way round?
[19:53] <tom5> I'm sure that we'll something from the B5 in the next year...
[19:53] <tom5> B5 universe
[19:53] <webcs> crusade is what is free correct, not B5 from TNT
[19:53] <HeatherTim> yes, Crusade is free
[19:53] <webcs> thanks...sorry I messed that up....
[19:54] <HeatherTim> But we think when B5 becomes free (about a year from now) that will be Crusade's best chance
[19:54] <webcs> ALthough I dont see any reason why TNT wouldn't sell B5 rights off at any chance...they dont make use of them now.
[19:54] <tom5> I propose that the "new" series be called "Crusade: 2270"
[19:54] <HeatherTim> I think it might be personal between TNT and JMS at this point
[19:54] *** Galenlove (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[19:54] <a_blip> They might keep the rights just to spite jms?
[19:54] <Galenlove> Hello
[19:54] <webcs> I think there will have to be a "new" series that brings Crusade from the side.
[19:55] <HeatherTim> Yes, I think burying B5 at 7am is spite on the part of TNT
[19:55] <webcs> I would expect the powers that be keep changing, so no one that matters will remember JMS in a few months
[19:55] <Galenlove> Hey Tim/Heather HI!!!!!
[19:55] <webcs> Well global tape sales are ging well I know
[19:56] <HeatherTim> That's the other hope - the way things change in Hollywood, everything could be different tomorrow
[19:56] <HeatherTim> HI
[19:56] <a_blip> Crusade tapes are on 3. place on Blackstars sales list
[19:56] <webcs> wow
[19:57] <a_blip> The covers are gorgeous
[19:57] <webcs> that's impressive to say the least
[19:57] <tom5> The parent company (that "own's" B5) seems to be eager to produce more "Crusade" episodes...given a market in the US
[19:57] <webcs> Its even more popular outside the US from what I've heard.
[19:57] <webcs> On channels that actually promoted it.
[19:57] <HeatherTim> One more piece of info on TNT and 7 am: JMS said on the moderated group today...
[19:58] <tom5> B5 is show three times every weekday on Canada's "Space: The Imagination Station" (comparable to the Sci-Fi Channel)
[19:58] <cool_chick_2006> Rings  accept me to your contact list!
[19:58] <Galenlove> Tim&Heather I wanted to tell guys that your website was the first one I found back in July!!!I love it!!
[19:58] <HeatherTim> that according to B5 licensers like Del rey, the reason B5 merchandise like books are getting scaled back is because of TNT's 7am starttime for B5
[19:58] *** nilay (.@*** has joined #scifi
[19:58] *** nilay (.@*** has left #scifi
[19:58] <webcs> Got a question for you all...Alissa mentioned that Bruce B was involved in Majel's new series called Kariri...does anyone know if that name is correct because I found NO info on it anywhere on the net?
[19:58] <HeatherTim> Thanks, Galenlove
[19:58] <tom5> "Kukiri"?
[19:58] <a_blip> I've heard it described as Genisis
[19:59] <tom5> try the "Coaxial" section of
[19:59] <cool_chick_2006> hello RingsSong
[19:59] <webcs> The names keep changing...Majel's projects are in flux so much
[19:59] <RingSongs> what cool chick
[19:59] <Galenlove> Because your message board I met alot of poeple,thanks.
[20:01] <webcs> From what I hear a Sliders movie is a pretty large possibility.
[20:01] <RingSongs> Does anyone know when B5 is free of TNT
[20:02] <webcs> Despite the fact SciFi gave it the ax due to monetary reasons that also hurt Crusade
[20:02] <RingSongs> I wish I had b5 three times a day, damn canadians, its not fair, lol
[20:02] <HeatherTim> B5 is free of TNT Feb. 2001
[20:02] <webcs> so less than a year and counting
[20:02] <RingSongs> Sliders was awesome, everyone was dissing it, I liked it.
[20:02] *** cool_chick_2006 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:02] <tom5> "Blame Canada"
[20:02] <HeatherTim> Counting the days...
[20:02] <webcs> Well, the rating HELD with the new cast.  SciFi just couldnt afford to keep it
[20:03] <webcs> hehe
[20:03] <tom5> How long will it take for "Crusade: 227-
[20:03] <tom5> "to ramp up?
[20:03] <tom5> production
[20:03] * a_blip has never seen sliders
[20:03] <HeatherTim> SciFi really messed up committing money to First Wave
[20:03] <HeatherTim> That probably hurt Crusade as well as Sliders
[20:03] <webcs> That was a weird move HT
[20:04] <RingSongs> First Wave sucks
[20:04] <webcs> totally must have
[20:04] <webcs> ANd the whole thing is they didn't have to commit to it...They signed for 3 years in advance...WHY!!!
[20:04] <Galenlove> Have you heard Sci-Fi has given this guy his show called CROSSING OVER?
[20:04] <HeatherTim> guess because it had Francis Ford Copalla's name attached
[20:05] <HeatherTim> What he has to do with Sci-Fi, I don't know.
[20:05] <a_blip> Like "White Dwarf"?
[20:05] <webcs> Never heard of any scifi series getting more than a 13 initial commitment.  THey are a scifi network.  They should know better more than everyone that the majority fail.
[20:05] <Galenlove> As anyone heard about this new show CROSSING OVER?
[20:06] <webcs> no..whats it about?
[20:06] <HeatherTim> haven't heard of Crossing over?
[20:06] <tom5> any idea when the Sci-Fi Channel will have the funds to do a "Crusade"-level series?
[20:06] <RingSongs> they do, they have farscape
[20:07] <webcs> Its not that they dont have the money to do those series, its that they are already committed to all the series they can support
[20:07] <HeatherTim> Our guess is they will be able to rerun B5 and Crusade after the B5 rights on TNT expires
[20:07] <tom5> isn't "Farscape" a co-production?
[20:07] <HeatherTim> Don't know when they'll have the money free to pay for new shows
[20:07] <tom5> with someone in Australia?
[20:07] <webcs> I believe SciFi pays the total bill on Farscape
[20:08] <a_blip> Well... Hallmark are credited at the end
[20:08] <webcs> Its made in Australia but I think SciFi is the primary $$$
[20:08] <a_blip> And the 9 Network (Austailia)
[20:08] <webcs> Thats because Henson/Halmark are linked
[20:08] <tom5> Perhaps the media hydra that is AOL/Warner will find some pocket change...
[20:08] <webcs> The more companies combine the harder it is to get anything done
[20:09] <HeatherTim> I believe that we will see B5 on Sci-Fi come 2001
[20:09] <tom5> maybe a product placement shot of the new Netscape Communicator browser in an upcoming episode of "Crusade: 2270"
[20:09] <HeatherTim> They do want the show
[20:09] <webcs> Lucky for Farscape it is made so far away from the suits...
[20:09] <HeatherTim> Suits have a long arm
[20:09] <tom5> "X-Files", when it was shot in Vancouver, avoided a lot of studio suits...
[20:09] <webcs> Yes, but you have to admit Australia is better than LA
[20:10] <webcs> There are advantages to being away from LA and NY
[20:10] *** RingSongs has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:10] <HeatherTim> hoboken is better than LA
[20:10] <webcs> hahaha...true
[20:10] <webcs> lol
[20:10] <a_blip> The suits might be happy with Farscape
[20:10] <tom5> We just have to convince Netter Digital Entertainment that Calgary is a good, cheap location...
[20:11] <HeatherTim> Anyway, My major concern is with the syndication of B5
[20:11] <a_blip> I alwas got the impression that TNT started messing... becasue the *could*
[20:11] <tom5> Believe it, or not...Calgary has enough of a production base...
[20:11] <webcs> There was a very weird run-up in the value of NETTER stock 2 weeks ago
[20:11] <tom5> I noticed that NDE stock shot up...
[20:11] <tom5> could be just a fluke
[20:11] <webcs> It has held a 1 a share for 2 years and suddenly sht up to 3
[20:11] <HeatherTim> Probably due to Battletech
[20:11] <tom5> could be another of their series is renewed...
[20:11] <a_blip> Robotech 3000
[20:11] <Galenlove> Read about it in the paper.
[20:11] *** Onder (dost_6cfdf@*** has joined #scifi
[20:12] <HeatherTim> Robotech
[20:12] <webcs> and that came after a LOSS report...its settling back to 1 but there must have been something inside happening.
[20:12] <HeatherTim> thats right
[20:12] *** Onder (dost_6cfdf@*** has left #scifi
[20:12] <tom5> at least NDE is surviving...
[20:12] <webcs> Robottech 3000 is not a new issue though...its been known for 6 months now
[20:12] <tom5> perhaps we'll yet see new episodes of "Crusade"
[20:12] <tom5> one can only hope...
[20:12] <HeatherTim> We will if we keep things burnin'
[20:13] <HeatherTim> for another year
[20:13] <webcs> God...I gotta get the animation channel, my stupid cable company gives me TOON about crap
[20:13] <HeatherTim> We must wait TNT out
[20:13] <HeatherTim> with respect to the B% rights
[20:13] <tom5> I suspect that we'll see production starting to ramp-up this fall
[20:13] <HeatherTim> B5
[20:13] <tom5> "now we await the passage of time"
[20:13] <HeatherTim> True enough
[20:14] <tom5> <mode="drahk">we are very patient</mode>
[20:14] <webcs> This is definitely a long term battle...kind of have to go into LOW mode for a while and continue doing small things and not burn ourselves out until B5 is available
[20:14] <HeatherTim> B5 is starting to Fail because it can't expand it's fan base
[20:14] <HeatherTim> when it is shown at & am Sat
[20:14] <webcs> One thing is certain...once B5 is free it will CERTAINLY find a home
[20:14] <tom5> could be just a bump in the battle for minds
[20:14] <HeatherTim> 7 AM
[20:14] <tom5> versus "three times a day"
[20:14] *** RingSongs ( has joined #scifi
[20:14] <RingSongs> stupid aol
[20:14] <HeatherTim> TNT where the T is for testosterone
[20:15] <RingSongs> Farscape hasnt even been shown in Aussie yet, i think its just owned by sci fi and henson..
[20:15] <webcs> I believe the lack of exposure for the episodes if actually a good thing though.  People will want to see them more when TNT rights expire.
[20:15] <tom5> perhaps AOL/Warner will realize that it has a cash cow on their hands?
[20:15] <a_blip> "Worst case of testosterone poisening I've ever seen..."
[20:15] <HeatherTim> Trouble is to the casual viewer...
[20:15] <HeatherTim> They do not know what in helll B5 is
[20:15] <tom5> soon...
[20:15] <tom5> they will
[20:15] <tom5> less than a year
[20:16] <webcs> Understandable
[20:16] <webcs> I bet some people will think its an original series when it moves.... no kidding
[20:16] <HeatherTim> Our task is to keep things simmering for the next few months..
[20:16] <HeatherTim> It will be hard
[20:16] <webcs> slowly simmering...HT adds the salt I'll add some parsley
[20:16] <a_blip> Get Crusade into reruns?
[20:16] <Galenlove> Sci-Fi is giving this guy that can talk to the dead.Crossing Over is his show.
[20:17] <HeatherTim> Things are starting to fold up and Momentum is being lost
[20:17] <HeatherTim> Sci -Fi goes for Cheap programming
[20:17] <webcs> Did anyone see THE OTHERS Saturday?
[20:17] <tom5> I came to the realization that the B5 series is a massive, planetary image-gun...which takes about 23 weeks to cycle-through once
[20:17] <HeatherTim> I would not be surprised to see sa sci-fi game show
[20:17] <Galenlove> Yeap!
[20:17] <tom5> HT: we'll get rich!
[20:17] <HeatherTim> Other?   yes
[20:17] <webcs> Well B5 is NOT expensive SCIFI...just good scifi at a bargain price
[20:17] <HeatherTim> I agree
[20:18] <HeatherTim> however.. they are really cheap
[20:18] <webcs> I dont know of another show that gives what it gives per dollar
[20:18] <tom5> plus, B5 is 23 weeks, at 5 days per week, including the movies
[20:18] <webcs> Of course every year its cheaper and cheaper for Netter to do what they do
[20:18] <HeatherTim> good for stripping
[20:18] <tom5> slightly more than a run-through twice-a-year
[20:19] <Galenlove> Crusade could have been to B5 what TNG was for Star Trek.
[20:19] <HeatherTim> Could have been hasd Warner any guts
[20:19] <HeatherTim> and imagination
[20:19] <tom5> more like, if anyone gave Warner any money
[20:20] <tom5> perhaps we should get a huge company (General Motors, Toyota) to sponsor "Crusade: 2270"?
[20:20] <a_blip> No... If anyone at Warner both cared and had some power
[20:20] <tom5> or Saturn (the car company)
[20:20] <HeatherTim> Would anyone here buy B5 DVD's
[20:20] <tom5> yes
[20:20] <RingSongs> B5 is 23 weeks?
[20:20] <RingSongs> Its 22 weeks per season
[20:20] <RingSongs> on TNT
[20:20] <tom5> get me the box edition!
[20:20] <tom5> RingSongs: plus, a week for the movies
[20:20] <webcs> Think in the long term there will be a scifi explosion when Broadband allows broadcasts over the internet that can support TV shows
[20:20] <RingSongs> used to be 11! but now there only showing ONE episode aweke, jeez
[20:21] <HeatherTim> OK.. has anyone brought the videotapes of B5
[20:21] <RingSongs> tom5: it would be 110 weeks for just the episodes
[20:21] <tom5> of course, TNT's option will run out in less than a year
[20:21] <webcs> I know from my Amazon links that they are popular buys
[20:21] <HeatherTim> The videotape are being canceled
[20:21] <webcs> and when people buy they usually buy several at once
[20:21] * a_blip has season 1-3 on britsh tapes
[20:22] <webcs> THey are????
[20:22] <tom5> hopefully, the funds will be there to do a "special editon" in anamophic widescreen
[20:22] <HeatherTim> yes
[20:22] <webcs> Where did you hear that?
[20:22] <webcs> Even the new box sets?
[20:22] <RingSongs> Does anyone have news on the Trek series 5?....
[20:22] <HeatherTim> several places check out Sandra Bruckner's Zocala
[20:22] <Galenlove> Think about it,Star Trek had not been on T.V, for 20 years but TNG was a hit.Maybe,in 20 years Crusade will be a hit!!
[20:22] <RingSongs> well, I dont think i could wait 20 years, lol
[20:22] <HeatherTim> I bring this up because everything B5 is being hit hard
[20:23] <webcs> Trek 5 is in a battle right now...Paramount is being really picky but the rumor now is it may eveolve out of the end of voyager
[20:23] <HeatherTim> Because of the time slot we can't increase the fan base
[20:23] <HeatherTim> at 7 AM
[20:23] <RingSongs> I heard the biggest possibility was a Sulu series, lol
[20:23] <tom5> HT: yet...
[20:23] <Galenlove> I going to  buy season one Friday!!!
[20:23] <RingSongs> at 7 and 8 am it was bad enough, but now 7,  I dont even remember to watch it anymore,
[20:24] <tom5> someone will realize that B5 is a 23-week cycle series...with impressive demographics
[20:24] <webcs> Well that tape news is a shock to me.
[20:24] <HeatherTim> We are going to lose the books, the videotapes , and the magazine
[20:24] <webcs> Suppose that kills any DVD plans
[20:24] <HeatherTim> alll due to the Crusae's cancellation
[20:24] <webcs> ok now I'm getting mad
[20:24] <Galenlove> I found them out a book store.
[20:24] <RingSongs> What about the CDs?
[20:24] <RingSongs> Is CF going to be making any more?
[20:25] <HeatherTim> Don't know about the CDs
[20:25] <a_blip> The first DVDs woudl be the british
[20:25] <webcs> Sonic Images seems to do things in small scale so I'm sure Jonathan will keep the Cd's available for years to come
[20:25] <tom5> but, if a series is picked-up set in the B5 universe...there'll be a turn-around
[20:25] <HeatherTim> This can all be reversed if B5 could tap into a new market
[20:25] <RingSongs> I think its a pretty good bet that Evan Chen isnt making another crusade cd
[20:25] <webcs> I do think the Crusade CD will not be around forever though..gotta order that one soon myself
[20:26] <Galenlove> In the books what season are they in?
[20:26] <HeatherTim> i.e the show must be shown at a good time on a network that supports it
[20:26] <HeatherTim> post season 5
[20:26] <RingSongs> The books ive read were from 1, 2 and 3
[20:26] <HeatherTim> I'm sorry I was speaking about the trilogies
[20:26] <RingSongs> and the books from the tv movies were awesome...extra scenes...
[20:26] <RingSongs> trilogies?
[20:26] <webcs> Well, with everything being cancelled all we have left are the websites...have to keep them up at all costs.
[20:26] <RingSongs> what trilogies?
[20:27] <tom5> there are two different book trilogies coming out
[20:27] <HeatherTim> telepath, centauri,technomage trilogies
[20:27] <RingSongs> oh
[20:27] <tom5> one is complete: the Telepath trilogy
[20:27] <RingSongs> those must be pretty new, havent seen em at the library
[20:27] <RingSongs> As long as hte Lurkers Guide doesnt get shut down, I dont think the fan base will get much lower
[20:27] <Galenlove> I have 1-8,but I seen number nine at my library!
[20:28] <webcs> I have to disagree...I think its shrinking by the day
[20:28] <tom5> of course, it depends on where one is located
[20:28] <RingSongs> why would it shrink?
[20:28] <webcs> otherwise we wouldnt see this MASS cancellation
[20:28] <a_blip> Read #9... it's excelent
[20:28] <tom5> in Canada, I'm betting that the fan base is growing
[20:28] <Galenlove> col
[20:28] <Galenlove> cool
[20:28] <RingSongs> Ive been a fan ever since I saw In The Beginning, 
[20:28] <Galenlove> sorry
[20:28] <webcs> THE QUESTION IS:  why would it maintain strength???  thats impossible given the current conditions
[20:28] <RingSongs> It was nice seeing the eps 20 eps a month instead of 4:)
[20:29] <webcs> Yes, but we are becoming the minority
[20:29] <tom5> webcs: give it time...TNT won't have the rights to B5 forever
[20:29] <HeatherTim> That's why we're focusing on things like the button campaign which are fun for the fans
[20:29] <RingSongs> is the button campaign just crusade, or b5 too?
[20:29] <webcs> I'm not giving up, I'll be here for 10 years, I just am stating the facts
[20:29] <HeatherTim> We need to find ways like that to give people things to focus on until B5 is free
[20:30] <HeatherTim> Button campaign is for Crusade - but taps into fans of the B5 universe in general, I think
[20:30] <webcs> Just want people to realise there are even harder times coming and we have to be aware of that and not get too down...but still be realistic
[20:30] <tom5> I'm betting around July 2000, will be the darkest hour
[20:30] <webcs> The button campaign is a GREAT thing
[20:30] <Galenlove> Is Season 2-5 on tape?
[20:30] <RingSongs> I wish there were still conventions, I never got to go to any, lol
[20:31] <HeatherTim> Will, we agree, its gonna be a rough time
[20:31] <webcs> random episodes are on tape from the various seasons
[20:31] <RingSongs> I was gonna go to that one in pasadena that had b5 and st people but for wahtever reason i didnt go...and that was before i saw b5
[20:31] <webcs> I have a list of them at the store at
[20:31] <HeatherTim> But that's what we're all here for to try to keep everyone's spirits up until the better times come back
[20:31] <RingSongs> Will: Arent all of them avialable through Columbia House?
[20:32] <RingSongs> This year's really been dead for sci fi, we lost B5 and DS9
[20:32] <tom5> considering that at the end of every season of "Babylon 5", there was the cliffhanger of whether it was renewed, or not...
[20:32] <webcs> All the episodes?  I dont think they all were released
[20:32] <RingSongs> and my stupid UPN doesnt show reruns of DS9 or TNG.
[20:32] <tom5> we're lucky that we have 5 seasons of B5, and a partial season of "Crusade"
[20:32] <RingSongs> so theres not much good sci fi on here
[20:33] <webcs> Every season...I started watching B5 from day one and writing the networks, it was hell every single end of season
[20:33] <RingSongs> Yea, but crusade shouldnt of ended like that, lol
[20:33] <HeatherTim> has everyone seen ISN's virtual Crusade season 2000?
[20:33] <a_blip> ???
[20:33] <Galenlove> For the box set is 44 dollars!
[20:33] <tom5> no, haven't seen it yet
[20:33] <webcs> no whats that about HT?
[20:33] <Galenlove> no
[20:33] <HeatherTim> ISN is organizing a rewatching of Crusade (in a better order) for everyone who has them on tape.
[20:34] <HeatherTim> Its a great idea - to celebrate the show
[20:34] <webcs> OH...
[20:34] <HeatherTim> and maybe fill a bit ot the void while we wait
[20:34] <webcs> I assume it ignores the uniforms
[20:34] <HeatherTim> and get people talking about crusade and enjoying it again
[20:34] <webcs> I have all but the first ep on tape
[20:34] <Galenlove> I have 8 out of 13!
[20:34] <RingSongs> I had them all
[20:34] <RingSongs> but the quality sucked
[20:35] <RingSongs> same with b5
[20:35] <tom5> I've archived all 13...
[20:35] <HeatherTim> They're having a vote on the order - so we'll see if people want to ignore the uniforms or not
[20:35] <webcs> Gotta go at least LP or higher on the taping!
[20:35] <a_blip> I've got seven on my harddrive
[20:35] <RingSongs> and it was impossible trying to tape b5 with 2 eps a week
[20:35] <a_blip> :)
[20:35] <RingSongs> lol
[20:35] <webcs> they'll have to ignore them, its the only way to reorder
[20:35] <RingSongs> EP is fine
[20:35] <RingSongs> its just 
[20:35] <RingSongs> my vcr was mesed up
[20:35] <RingSongs> and made everything snowy
[20:35] <webcs> My thought is use the last episodes as a baseline, through out the first episode and use the reast as filler
[20:36] <webcs> EP???  oh god...cant get any sound quality
[20:36] <a_blip> BTW - tomorrow is the final chance for the B5 computer game
[20:36] <webcs> whats the inside scoop on that a_blip?
[20:37] <a_blip> It doesn't look good
[20:37] <a_blip> But there is a chance
[20:37] <a_blip> go to tomorrow
[20:37] <webcs> Cant imagine doing that much work on a game and see it vanish like this
[20:38] <HeatherTim> why is tomorrow the last chance?
[20:38] <tom5> anyone have any good news?   ;)  (for a change...)
[20:38] <webcs> the programmers must want to shoot themselves
[20:38] *** Derfel (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[20:38] <webcs> The onloy good news is the buttons...truly
[20:38] *** RingSongs has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:38] <a_blip> Some "game developers confrence"
[20:38] <HeatherTim> also the actors still support the show
[20:38] <webcs> true...they have been great havent they
[20:38] <Galenlove> I have a idea.I was thinking about putting in the local paper.Having anyone that likes B5 or Crusade meet out a bookstore,what do you think?
[20:38] <HeatherTim> Just sent buttons to Peter Woodward this morning
[20:39] <webcs> Local meetings are always encouraged
[20:39] <HeatherTim> good idea
[20:39] <webcs> Mention the mailing list and the chats too...get more people involved
[20:39] <Derfel> Austi, colis et tabernac, I'm late
[20:39] <webcs> if you could spend a little money on a local ad it would help
[20:39] <webcs> welcome Derfel...late but very welcomed
[20:40] <a_blip> Are people reading Rising Stars?
[20:40] <tom5> in a few weeks, I'll be melding some demographics together: the "MR2-Spyder/Crusade" test drive
[20:40] <HeatherTim> Also there are save Crusade flyers you can download with addresses and the like
[20:40] <webcs> cant wait
[20:40] <webcs> Have to continue to make people aware that there is still a solid support organization present and we arent going away...just need new participants
[20:41] <Galenlove> I need to call the store first to see if it would alright .
[20:41] *** galan2002 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:41] <HeatherTim> a_blip: have not read Rising Star
[20:41] <Galenlove> I have about 100 flyers!
[20:42] <HeatherTim> Hey Great
[20:42] <webcs> I know the local LIBRARY usually allows meetings
[20:42] <HeatherTim> :)
[20:42] <webcs> if its large enough that is
[20:42] <Galenlove> Really?I didn't enough think about that one,thanks.
[20:42] <tom5> considering that some in the southern states seem to want to revisit the American Civil War...we're only just beginning
[20:43] <webcs> Galenlove: seriously if you do organize a meeting let us know how it goes, it would be a major kick for our spirits
[20:43] <tom5> speaking of the burning of Atlanta...TNT is located there, isn't it?
[20:43] <HeatherTim> BURN BABY BURN
[20:43] <webcs> I know my nearby city library has meetings for other clubs, etc, all the time.  As long as your nonprofit
[20:43] <Derfel> nicely said
[20:44] <Galenlove> Back in July I did go around putting up flyers.
[20:44] <webcs> Maybe you can even patch those that can't attend because of distance through the net...
[20:44] <HeatherTim> :)
[20:44] <a_blip> I'm thinking that deep down in jms archives lies the script for the "Atlanta Chainsaw Masscare" :)
[20:44] <HeatherTim> LOL
[20:44] <webcs> lol
[20:44] <tom5> anyone know if the "Crusade" sets are still in "fold and hold" storage mode?
[20:44] <HeatherTim> I think they are still in Fold
[20:45] <HeatherTim> However the B5 sets are scrapped
[20:45] <a_blip> Tag line: One producer, one chainsaw - MANY suits
[20:45] <webcs> Well, if you pay attention to every episode of Crusade there are clues in all of them to his frustration
[20:45] <Galenlove> I did meet a few B5 fans because of it!!
[20:45] <tom5> what happened to the B5 sets?
[20:45] *** a_blip has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:45] <webcs> werent some of the B5 sets sold, auctioned off???
[20:45] <tom5> has anything gone up on eBay, yet?
[20:45] <HeatherTim> I believe that the B5 sets are scrapped
[20:45] <webcs> I know a company had some of the sets going up for sale
[20:45] <HeatherTim> I beleive that some things will go up on Ebay
[20:46] <tom5> all of them, or just the generic ones?
[20:46] <HeatherTim> Can't say
[20:46] <HeatherTim> don't know
[20:46] <Galenlove> I'm going to did it!!!
[20:46] <tom5> we'll be forced to rebuild B5, and shoot more stories there...on Digital Video
[20:46] <HeatherTim> Galenlove: great to hear that you were spreading flyers too :0
[20:46] <HeatherTim> :)
[20:47] *** a_blip (a_blip@193.217.201.***) has joined #scifi
[20:47] <a_blip> dang
[20:47] <Galenlove> I'm going to try in a couple of weeks.
[20:47] <webcs> Always thought a Babylon-4 concept would be a nice revival...good reason to make new station sets too :)
[20:47] <a_blip> I think you're going a little too far here
[20:47] <HeatherTim> Actually I'd love to see a Movie that deals with Valen and the Last Shadow war a thousand years ago
[20:48] <a_blip> Jms has other stories to tell
[20:48] <HeatherTim> in my dreams if I ever see it
[20:48] <Galenlove> What,about Babylon 6!!!!
[20:48] <webcs> a much younger universe might be nice to see
[20:48] <webcs> B5 was the LAST STATION
[20:49] <a_blip> Babylon 6 - Sacrelige!!!
[20:49] <webcs> B4 was the only other one that survived construction
[20:49] <Derfel> " the last of the Babylon Stations, there were no more" - Ivanova, Sleeping in Light
[20:49] <HeatherTim> B4 was much nicer too :)
[20:49] <webcs> yep.
[20:49] <a_blip> (B4 had a bigger budget :)
[20:49] <webcs> B4 was, is, amazing
[20:50] <Galenlove> Where,it is built by some aliens.
[20:50] <webcs> Yes, the only reason B5 wasnt as large is that they spent so much on the first 4
[20:50] <tom5> B4 was the all-expenses-paid station
[20:50] <webcs> it was built by earth and then taken back in time
[20:50] <a_blip> It even had engiens
[20:50] <HeatherTim> By the Way, Peter Woodward signed on for Crusade for a Cure
[20:50] <webcs> It had TWO, opposed rotating sections!
[20:50] <Derfel> "B4 - the wacky tale of a pair of castaways dragged back 1000 years into the funkiest war in the galaxy!"
[20:50] <webcs> hahahahahahaha
[20:50] <tom5> the 3D model was build by Foundation Imaging *after* they had experience designing B5
[20:51] <webcs> Think its the first space vehicle ever to have two opposed rotating sections like that.
[20:51] <Derfel> I can't remember - did B4 vaguely resemble the Excalibur construction station?
[20:52] <tom5> which is apparently *much* more stable
[20:52] <HeatherTim> No not really
[20:52] <webcs> no
[20:52] <tom5> derfel: no, B4 looks like B4
[20:52] <Galenlove> I'm talking about like 1000 years into the future.
[20:52] <webcs> but it did resemble the huge star-liners a little
[20:52] <tom5> derfel: you mean the "drydock" the big "E" was built it?
[20:52] <a_blip> It was green
[20:52] <HeatherTim> both are green
[20:52] <webcs> that PUN "b4" was intensional
[20:53] <a_blip> Hey ppl... check you mail... Kailin can't enter the chat
[20:54] <a_blip> B5 is blue? Or are you thinking of the liners?
[20:54] <tom5> some things I'd like to see in "Crusade: 2270": that fourth fin the "Excalibur" was originally designed with...
[20:54] <webcs> he might be truing to use a reserved name
[20:54] <Galenlove> Where,an alien found pictures of B5 and wanted to built the same dream!
[20:55] <tom5> I seem to recall that the "author series" starliners being green
[20:55] <tom5> B5 is blue, yes
[20:55] <webcs> most definitely lol
[20:55] <tom5> One of the first three Babylon stations is red
[20:55] <a_blip> Assimov
[20:55] <Derfel> that was the explosion, you fool
[20:55] <HeatherTim> B4 is green
[20:56] <webcs> the first three were destroyed in very early construction
[20:56] <tom5> derfel: I'm pretty sure of that paintjob
[20:56] <a_blip> They were rainbow coloured IIRC
[20:56] <Derfel> I know, I know
[20:56] <Galenlove> The found a rangers crush ship on a planet and found the info about B5.
[20:56] <webcs> no I think the one they showed blowing up DID have red tints...I think thats actually right
[20:56] <tom5> could be the same colours as the iMac
[20:56] <tom5> B5 is blueberry
[20:56] <webcs> lol
[20:57] <tom5> B4 is lime
[20:57] <webcs> Coming soon...Babylon-Blue
[20:57] <HeatherTim> lol
[20:57] <tom5> which one is graple?
[20:57] <a_blip> iBabylon
[20:57] <Galenlove> I know noboby likes my idea!
[20:57] <webcs> collect them all
[20:57] <tom5> with new translucent sections
[20:57] <tom5> "Yum"
[20:57] <webcs> We like the idea...just cant have B5 in it...kind of no no...
[20:58] <a_blip> And the specail Grey one comes with BIG GUNS!!!
[20:58] <webcs> Coming soon..B5 fun fruits...
[20:58] <tom5> the DV special edition
[20:58] <webcs> Got a question for you think the shadows would have played a part in Crusade eventually?
[20:59] <HeatherTim> Galenlove, I think B4 was destroyed in the comic book "In Valen's name"
[20:59] <Derfel> hmmm, interesting
[20:59] <tom5> yes, definitely, since the Technomages seemed to owe them a debt
[20:59] <tom5> the Technomages seemed to have owed them *something* for the technology transfer
[20:59] <HeatherTim> Not directly, however the technomages got tech from the Shadows and that would have played a big part
[20:59] <Derfel> a holdout Shadow detachment?  Or the whole lot?
[20:59] <webcs> It showed B4's final destruction yes, however, it was floating around for who knows how long and had quite a story to tell that has not been told
[21:00] <webcs> God I'd kill to see the shadows on Crusade...seeing that new shadow-like ship they showed got me boiling
[21:00] <HeatherTim> true
[21:00] <a_blip> There also was "the betrayal" Galen talked about
[21:00] <webcs> who knows how many times B4 may have jumped time
[21:01] <Derfel> the betrayal mentioned by the Apocolype box?
[21:01] <HeatherTim> that was a technomage ship
[21:01] <a_blip> Maybe some TMs have more to do with the Shadows then the order liked
[21:01] <webcs> "DO NOT TRUST.....DO NOT TRUST WHO.....GALEN"  oh god what a moment...ouch...more more more
[21:01] * a_blip hasn't seen that yet
[21:01] <webcs> good thought...maybe it''ll be mentioned in the books
[21:01] <Galenlove> Yeah,I know but B5 is not really in my idea.They only use the idea of B5 to created a new place.
[21:01] * a_blip was thinking of "The Path of Sorrows"
[21:02] <tom5> "
[21:02] <tom5> "B5.1"
[21:02] <a_blip> Gales flashback
[21:02] <tom5> ;)
[21:02] <tom5> The second season of "Crusade" should be interesting...
[21:02] <tom5> you're welcome!
[21:03] <HeatherTim> thanks for having us
[21:03] <Derfel> a blast as always
[21:03] <tom5> scary...a permanent record!
[21:03] <Galenlove> I have always wanted to see a show with no humans,only with aliens.
[21:03] <HeatherTim> don't give up hope people...just hang in there through the rough times
[21:03] <tom5> a show with only cyborgs...
[21:03] <webcs> yes, the transcripts will live on forever, I own the domain and its staying forever
[21:03] <Derfel> isn't hope the only thing that anyone has figured out how to kill? . . . . . . .
[21:04] <tom5> scary...
[21:04] <tom5> truly frightening...
[21:04] <Galenlove> Babylon 6 mine forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:04] <tom5> hope, and cochroahces
[21:04] <tom5> Babylon 7
[21:04] <a_blip> Now anybody can steal your idea Tom5
[21:04] <tom5> Babylon 5+n
[21:04] <webcs> HT: what's the official button URL again for the record???
[21:04] <Derfel> another thing I forgot!
[21:04] <tom5> where n is any whole-number integer
[21:05] <HeatherTim>
[21:05] <webcs> thanks HT...thanks for the info and the effort
[21:05] <Derfel> you need an easier url
[21:05] <tom5> In the year 9624, someone made the "Babyon Amusement Park", deep in neutral space...
[21:05] <webcs> I'll make sure to link it from ranger this week and show some button shots
[21:05] <HeatherTim> Thanks.  And thanks for having these chats
[21:05] <Galenlove> i wonder if  i could copyright Babylon6?
[21:06] <Derfel> bye bye
[21:06] <tom5> Galenlove: for what purpose?
[21:06] <Galenlove> no way right?
[21:06] <webcs> You could until you were sewed
[21:06] <Galenlove> I don't no?
[21:06] *** Derfel has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[21:06] <tom5> I'd take bets on how soon the lawyers would show-up at your door
[21:06] <HeatherTim> goodbye all
[21:06] <webcs> HT: might really consider getting a domain name so you will have a permanent address...they are just $15 at
[21:06] <Galenlove> I'm only joking o.k.
[21:06] <tom5> bye!
[21:07] <tom5> okay!
[21:07] <tom5> the really unlucky Babylon 13   =)
[21:07] <a_blip> bye
[21:07] * webcs END OF CHAT LOG...GOODNIGHT
[21:07] <tom5> now, we're "off the record"
[21:07] *** HeatherTim (cybernaut@*** has left #scifi
[21:07] <webcs> yep...hehe...
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