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This chat may not, in whole or in part, be reprinted or redistributed, without the express written consent of William J Piniarski.  All material contained herein is based on the speculations of the participants and is in no way intended to be an official or authoritative pronouncement about the status of Crusade, or the legal obligations of Warner Bros., Turner Network Television, Babylonian Productions, or Netter Digital. 

Meeting Highights: [ sballiance | tshirt status | idea explosion | paramount | b4 concept

[20:24] <webcs> There is still a chance Scifi will pickup B5 or crusade in some capacity
[20:24] <webcs> hahaha..your kidding
[20:24] <RingSongs> nope
[20:24] <warriorguyver2> cool
[20:24] <PPG> Not new eps, though, correct?
[20:24] <webcs> ANything is possible
[20:24] <RingSongs> will B5 is done with...theres never gonna be more
[20:24] <RingSongs> unless he makes a movie
[20:24] <a_blip> You get kicked of IRC if you send to many signals in a short time
[20:25] <webcs> If you newbies would like to help, there is an address to can send letters to SCIFI in support of B5 and Crusade
[20:25] <warriorguyver2> oh
[20:25] <PPG> No offense to any Lexx fans, but I can't believe scifi devotes an hour to that show but it's questionable about B5/Crusade.  *shakes head*
[20:25] <PeRp|eXeD> i see amazon has into the fire listed for this year
[20:25] <webcs> Its at
[20:25] <RiverOtter> I thought TNt had B5 for several more yaers
[20:25] <PPG> *not a newbie btw*  already written.
[20:25] <RingSongs> -=--=--=-Who Wants To Be A Millionare is on tonight-=-=-=-==-=-
[20:25] <RingSongs> lol
[20:25] <PPG> Oh, B5 I know.  *bg*  HUGE FAN!
[20:25] <Kailin> After looking at some of the not so good programming sci-fi has now, Crusade would be a boon for them.
[20:25] <webcs> PPG: very good...thanks for writing
[20:25] <RingSongs> Sci Fi has some decent shows kailin
[20:25] <PPG> NP.  B5 is the best scifi show EVER.
[20:26] <RingSongs> like Sliders, lost in space, farscape, star trek TOS
[20:26] <webcs> they also have some not-so-fine shows
[20:26] <PPG> Oh, absolutely.  FARSCAPE!
[20:26] <RingSongs> first wave...ive heard is decent
[20:26] <Kailin> I just qualified to be on "who wants to be a millionaire", have to wait for a callback tomorrow.
[20:26] <warriorguyver2> farscape rocks
[20:26] <RiverOtter> I agree withRingSongs
[20:26] <webcs> YOUR KIDDING...COOL!!!!
[20:26] <RingSongs> they ahve a bunch of new series prey and dune i dont know what there about
[20:26] <webcs> If you get on the show please tell us!!!
[20:26] <RiverOtter> God luck Kailin
[20:26] *** dar has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:26] <PPG> Farscape totally rocks.  First Wave's ok, but I don't like the main dude. No personality whatsoever.
[20:26] <warriorguyver2> first wave rocks to
[20:26] <PPG> *cries for Prey*
[20:27] <Kailin> I didn't say Sci-fi didn't have good programming, they just have some awful stuff on there a lot.
[20:27] <webcs> How hard was it to qualify...what did you have to fo?
[20:27] <warriorguyver2> prey sucks
[20:27] <RingSongs> well kailin if ur lucky they'll ask thequestion for "Name the star trek series in order" to get in to the big seat
[20:27] <PPG> Dark Skies.  Earth 2.  SAAB.//Kailin, for sure. *s*
[20:27] <PPG> Prey's good!!
[20:27] <RiverOtter> Or some other sf question
[20:27] <webcs> They already asked that question actually
[20:27] <PPG> Course, eye of the beholder. *s*
[20:27] <RingSongs> Sci Fi needs to pick up TNG:(
[20:27] <RingSongs> I dotn get reruns of tng or ds9 here in CA
[20:28] <warriorguyver2> prey sucks butt
[20:28] <webcs> I was pretty dissapointed that Earth 2 was cancelled before some sort of resolution.  Had potential
[20:28] <RingSongs> just stupid reruns of new voyager
[20:28] <RiverOtter> That's the best St series in my opinion
[20:28] <RingSongs> whats Earth 2?
[20:28] <PPG> Delicately put, warrior.  *sighs*//DS9 is wonderful.
[20:28] <warriorguyver2> bring back brimestone
[20:28] <Kailin> If I get on Millionaire, you can bet I'll be shouting it all over the net.
[20:28] <webcs> You've bever seen Earth 2?  It was a huge;y promoted series a few years ago.
[20:28] <RiverOtter> People colonize planet, run into natives
[20:28] <PPG> riverotter, which ST you like best?//Earth 2 - another good CBS scifi show that was cancelled.
[20:29] * webcs asks KAILIN: how hard was it to qualify...what did you do?
[20:29] <RiverOtter> It's on the sf channel Sunday am.  7 am on the West Coast
[20:29] <RingSongs> earth 2i s?
[20:29] <RiverOtter> Yep
[20:29] <RingSongs> woah i'll check it out sometime
[20:29] *** PPG has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:29] <Kailin> You call an 800 number, they ask 3 questions, put stuff in order 1-4, if all 3 are correct, you qualify for next round
[20:29] <galen2000> Tim Curry was cool on Earth 2
[20:29] *** PPG (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[20:30] <PPG> *back from mini-boot, self inflicted*
[20:30] <RiverOtter> Or at least it was last Sunday
[20:30] <RingSongs> Kailin...last night some dolt didnt know what came after "duck duck..."
[20:30] <RingSongs> LOL
[20:30] <PPG> reposts?
[20:30] <webcs> is there any time limit Kailin?
[20:30] <RingSongs> g2g i'll be logging i guess...time for dinner.. guess Boothby dcouldnt make it
[20:30] *** Boothby (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[20:30] <Kailin> Next round is computer selection of all people who qualified today, they select 40.
[20:30] <webcs> HEY BOOTHBY!!!!!
[20:30] <Boothby> PLease excuse me everyone.  I thought it was 7:30 PACIFIC time.
[20:30] <Kailin> Time limit is 10 seconds per question.
[20:30] <webcs> Welcome
[20:31] <Boothby> Once again, I TRUELY apologize.
[20:31] <warriorguyver2> time limit on what
[20:31] <webcs> EVERYONE:  Boothy is the webmaster of SBalliance who was nice enough to join us tonight
[20:31] <Kailin> It took me a week to get all 3 questions right. They change them each day, and you can only call once per day
[20:31] <webcs> thats ok...hows it going with the website?
[20:31] <RiverOtter> SBalliance?
[20:31] <Boothby> Hello everyone.  It's nice to be here.
[20:31] <PPG> *waves at Booth*
[20:32] <Boothby> SLow, but very good.  We're constantly growing and people like our mission.
[20:32] <Kailin> Enough silly talk, let's get down to business.
[20:32] <webcs> BOOTHBY: Why dont you explain what SBalliance is to us all......
[20:32] <warriorguyver2> what is it
[20:32] <RiverOtter> Please
[20:32] <PPG> *claps for Kailin*  agreed
[20:32] <webcs> :)
[20:32] <Boothby> OK.  The SBA, or Spacebattles Alliance, is a group that has devoted its time and energy to bring unity to all sci-fi fans.
[20:33] <webcs> something Save Crusade has been promoting
[20:33] <Kailin> I have informed Tim and Heather if they get the button campaign off the ground, to try and get some to me by Feb 18 for Gallifrey.
[20:33] <Boothby> There is quite a bit a friction and bickering between diffferent sci-fi fans (i.e. Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5).  We want to try to end this.
[20:33] <webcs> I know if I see another Defiant-Whitestar thread I'll kill myself...
[20:33] <PPG> Oh bickering is no good.  Split energy.
[20:33] <Kailin> Many Crusade cast members will be there.
[20:33] <Boothby> We are also VERY concerned in bringing back Crusade to sci-fi
[20:33] <Darlana> Here Here!
[20:34] <webcs> BOOTHBY: Have you gotten support or help from many people as of this date?
[20:34] <RiverOtter> I agree.  Let's put energy in working together instead of bickering.
[20:34] <PPG> Here here here!
[20:34] <webcs> That's good to here boothby
[20:34] <Boothby> I'm glad to see peopel agree with this idea. :)
[20:34] <Kailin> But how do you approach the diehard ST fans?
[20:34] <Boothby> So, what are some of the ideas you have to save Crusade?
[20:35] <RiverOtter> Nothing worked on diehard ST fans
[20:35] <Kailin> I run into this at cons, such as Fantasticon, which started with ST cast members, but has the most support from B5 cast members.
[20:35] <warriorguyver2> crusade?
[20:35] <webcs> Well, we have already gone through a t-shirt campaign, we are working on a button campaign to raise awareness at the conventions and are constrantly promoting writing campaigns
[20:35] <Boothby> Actually, the die hard Trek fans in the SBA have  REALLY learned to get along with one another.  We are having a hard time with the Warsies though... :(
[20:35] <RiverOtter> As in sequel to Babylon5
[20:35] <RiverOtter> Warsues?
[20:35] <Boothby> Star Wars fans.
[20:35] <Kailin> Well, that's a TV versus Film issue as well.
[20:36] <Boothby> Yes, I thought we were going to talk about how to get B5:  Crusade back on TV.
[20:36] <RiverOtter> Worse than diehard ST fans?
[20:36] <Boothby> Believe it or not, very much so.
[20:36] <webcs> BOOTHBY: How can your website best raise awareness of Crusade and the effort to save it.
[20:36] <Kailin> I went to the San Diego museum yesterday for the Star Wars as Myth exhibit. This idea would fit for much of B5 as well, but not so much for ST
[20:37] <RiverOtter> Ouch. I grew up watching original Star Trek and Lost in Space
[20:37] <warriorguyver2> nothing wrong with that
[20:37] <webcs> Boothy, have you heard any news on the Crusade front that we may not have heard?
[20:37] <Boothby> Well, the SBA believe VERY much in both bringing unity to the fans, and using that unity to work together on awareness and fighting back.  The SBA would like to support such a movement via petitions, letters, etc.
[20:37] <Kailin> Showing similarities as well as differences can be a plus.
[20:37] <RiverOtter> So al this bickering seems stupid to me because sf is sf.
[20:38] <Boothby> Just think if not only the B5 fans sign ed a petition, but all the ST and SW fans as well.
[20:38] <webcs> Yes, scifi has enough problems expanding without factions
[20:38] <PPG> Yeah unit is what JMS is saying quite a bit in B5.  He always said there's room in the scifi universe for everyone.  It be silly to feel otherwise, I think.
[20:38] <RiverOtter> We might run out of paper
[20:38] <Kailin> Divide and Conquer, United we Stand, makes sense.
[20:38] <PPG> unit = unity
[20:38] <webcs> Are you setting up an automated petition system...that is something Allie from Save Crusade wants to implement
[20:38] <RiverOtter> I agree, Kailin.
[20:38] <Boothby> That's what the SBA has been emphasizing.  We have done a pretty good job so far.
[20:39] <RiverOtter> Website?
[20:39] <Kailin> But what does the petition ask for, who is it directed at?
[20:39] <webcs> I believe?
[20:39] *** Allie (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[20:39] <webcs> ALLIE!!!!!!
[20:39] <Boothby> Not yet.  We have so much to do that we are really trying to promote cooperation and volunteer work  In fact, the SBA is trying to be run that way.  Less central power and more power to the fans in the actual creation and maintenence of the Site.
[20:40] <Allie> *big hug* back at you Kailin!
[20:40] <webcs> thats a good approach Booth
[20:40] <Allie> Sorry not be here earlier, but I'm frantically researching a paper due next week.
[20:40] <Kailin> Boothby, have you thought about promoting the website via flyers at cons?
[20:40] *** RiverOtter has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:41] <webcs> Or setting up a booth?????
[20:41] <Allie> Actually, I'm quite glad to see someone actually picking up the effort.  I just haven't had time myself.
[20:41] <webcs> Hey, BTW how much would it cost for us to setup a booth at a convension????
[20:41] <Boothby> Thaks.  We've been having some trouble with it so far though.  People don't have enought time to hel-p and that has really slowed the progress.  Yet, I still belive it's the best way to go to really bring people togehter
[20:41] *** jrgreenmd has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:41] <webcs> I know, time is short
[20:41] <Kailin> Gallifrey is a big Dr. Who con, with many B5 guests as well.
[20:41] <Allie> Boothby, do you have "friends of" or "we support" logo icons?
[20:41] <Boothby> No idea how much it would cost, but that could really help.
[20:41] <webcs> I think you would agree its a LONG TERM GOAL and will take time to get rolling.
[20:42] <Boothby> Yes we do. :)  I can send them to you if you'd like
[20:42] <Kailin> Well, flyers can be done as a PDF or something on your site that fans can download and take to a con they are already attending.
[20:42] *** RiverOtter (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[20:42] <webcs> Thats a good idea Kailin
[20:42] <webcs> That way they can help in the printing costs too
[20:42] <Allie> Yes, that'd be good.  I'll put one on my site, our ezine, and anything else I do.
[20:43] <Allie> is this a private message function?
[20:43] <webcs> Adobe format seems to be the best for that correct?
[20:43] <Boothby> One thing that I really think would hellp the effort for not only Crusade but the whole B5 franchise is to also support the game B5:  Under the fire.  People need to know there's a large group of people that still are interested in B5
[20:43] <webcs> do you mean is this moderated chat?  no.
[20:43] <Boothby> Allie:  How should I send them to you?
[20:43] <Allie> wierd, sorry... that didn't work. :)
[20:43] *** PPG has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:43] <Allie> Nono, I meant is there a way to talk to people privately.,
[20:43] <webcs> just click on his name
[20:43] <Allie> send them to
[20:43] <Kailin> I'm already taking Fantasticon and Save Crusade flyers to Gallifrey, so one more set of flyers isn't too much of a burden for me.
[20:44] <webcs> Allie...whats the status on the T-shirt sendout as of this time?
[20:44] <Allie> you'll also be taking a bunch of t-shirts, I hope. :)
[20:44] <Boothby> Thanks Allie.  I'll send them to you tonight.
[20:44] <Allie> Well, Maggie's went out as did Bonnie's.
[20:44] <webcs> COOL!
[20:44] <Allie> Marjean's goes out now that I know she's back.
[20:44] <webcs> She's looking forward to hers
[20:45] <Allie> I'm planning to send Kailin the shirts for David, Peter, Carrie, and JMS for Gallifrey.
[20:45] <Kailin> Do you mean you will be sending the remaining shirts to me, such as JMS
[20:45] <webcs> I should be getting a picture of her in it when she gets it and I will be sure to post it
[20:45] <Kailin> We think alike, can you all tell?
[20:45] <Boothby> Hey RingSongs!  I just saw you on the User list. :)
[20:45] <webcs> BTW....anyone with a T-shirt..please send me over a photo
[20:46] <Kailin> Send them ASAP so I get them in time
[20:46] <Allie> That still leaves Fiona, Netter, Copeland, Gary, Daniel... I can't think who else offhand.
[20:46] *** cecilyshi (muzi@*** has joined #scifi
[20:46] <Allie> Yep, I'll send them Wednesday I think...
[20:46] <cecilyshi> hi
[20:46] <cecilyshi> what's up, people??
[20:46] <Kailin> Fiona may turn up at Gallifrey, but I'm not sure.
[20:46] <Allie> Oh, right, the remaining one would be for Evan.  Any idea how to contact Evan?
[20:46] <Boothby> So, what are some other ideas you guys have??
[20:46] <Allie> Ideas for?
[20:46] <RingSongs> BOOTHBY!!
[20:46] <RingSongs> MAN
[20:46] <webcs> I think you could contact him through Sonic Images
[20:46] <Boothby> Bringing back Crusade.
[20:46] <RingSongs> I G2G dad wants online...but email me dude
[20:46] <cecilyshi> anybody chinese???
[20:47] <webcs> Through J. Frake
[20:47] <cecilyshi> here???
[20:47] <RingSongs> gotta go all...might be back later..
[20:47] <Boothby> Will do RingSOngs. :)
[20:47] <Boothby> CYA
[20:47] <RingSongs> :) bye
[20:47] <Kailin> I speak some Chinese, but I'm not Chinese
[20:47] <Boothby> If you would like, I could set up a forum on our web board for you all
[20:47] <cecilyshi> who are you then?? Kailin????
[20:48] <webcs> That would be nice boothby
[20:48] <webcs> We are always looking to expand and create momentum
[20:48] <RingSongs> yea booth I can be moderator:-);-):-)
[20:48] <Boothby> No problem.  I'll get on it tonight or tomorrow and contact you.
[20:48] <cecilyshi> I mean where are you calling from, kailin???
[20:48] <RingSongs> j/k
[20:48] <Kailin> A form would be great, then I could just print it out and make copies
[20:48] <Boothby> YOu sure can RingSongs.
[20:48] * RingSongs leaving
[20:48] <Kailin> Los Angeles
[20:49] * cecilyshi wants know where are all the people calling from???
[20:49] *** RingSongs has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:49] <Allie> Well there's the buttons thing that Tim and Heather are working on.
[20:49] <webcs> <- MASS, USA
[20:49] <Allie> Though I'm not sure how much good that can do now...
[20:49] <Boothby> California
[20:49] <RiverOtter> Southern Califorina
[20:49] <Allie> BC, Canada
[20:49] <Darlana> Utah
[20:49] <Kailin> Boothby, email me with form info at
[20:49] *** PeRp|eXeD has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:49] <cecilyshi> I am from michigan
[20:49] <webcs> T&H apologised for not being able to make it...they had emergency work to do tonight.
[20:49] <Boothby> From info??
[20:49] <Kailin> Many of us in California, coolness
[20:50] <cecilyshi> ok
[20:50] <RiverOtter> Boothby~ Where in CA?
[20:50] <cecilyshi> it's cool over there,right??
[20:50] <Kailin> I meant form info, or is it a flyer we discussed.
[20:50] <RiverOtter> It's in the 60's.
[20:50] <Boothby> Ukiah.  It's in Northern California
[20:50] <webcs> Allie...maybe one of the conventions would give us a deal on a table, or a freeby since we are a nonprofit support group????
[20:50] <Allie> Emergency work... for their theses?
[20:50] *** cecilyshi (muzi@*** has left #scifi
[20:50] <webcs> they werent specific.
[20:50] <Allie> I can think of one that might. <wink>
[20:51] <Boothby> Kalin:  I Was going to set up a FORUM for you guys on our web board.  SO you guys can discuss this more.
[20:51] <Kailin> Talk to Shaun at Gallifrey or Alec at Agamemcon, fan tables are usually free, and you only pay for memberships.
[20:51] <webcs> might consider joining hte Save Crusade mailing would fit in nicely
[20:51] <Allie> a good idea.  Perhaps invite others to participate.
[20:52] <Boothby> I'll do that.  Once the SBA gets established, we really want our members to help iout with stuff like this.
[20:52] <webcs> that would be good....we could print up inexpensive flyers and have volunteers man them and hand them out...
[20:52] <Boothby> Problem is, many of our members are more interested in the art side of sci-fi and less with this type of stuff. :(
[20:52] <warriorguyver2> oh
[20:52] <RiverOtter> At every con
[20:52] <Kailin> I think at least a flyer to advertise your website would be a good idea, preferably, something small, like a half sheet.
[20:53] <RiverOtter> And you could post on various mailing lists on the net
[20:53] <Boothby> Well, where's the largest site trying to bring back Crusade located?  I think we need a strong hub for this movement.
[20:53] <webcs> well without this stuff there wont be too much call for art now will there???
[20:53] <Kailin> Many sci-fi cons have art shows, so the fans do go. Gallifrey has a great art show, as does Loscon. San Diego Comic Con is mostly comic artists.
[20:54] <webcs> T&H's site is the official save crusade site
[20:54] <webcs> What's the URL...god where are my bookmarks
[20:54] <Allie> yep, they're official
[20:54] <Allie> it's
[20:54] <webcs> thank you
[20:54] <Allie> no problem.
[20:55] *** cmcdunah (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[20:55] <Kailin> I just realized the Save Crusade flyers I downloaded for Loscon are outdated, since Bonnie's position change, bummer. Need to print more of them up then.
[20:55] <webcs> There are several major sites, we all try to work together.
[20:55] <webcs> And we flow off of the official site and help when we can
[20:55] <Boothby> Well, my personal feeling is we need to organize so we're all supporting and working throught the same channel.  Once we fragment our movement, we lose power, strength and unity.  We all need to band together towards a common organiztion.
[20:55] <Allie> there's also my site, which doesn't stay up to date recently cause there hasn't been much to say: Voice of the Resistance...
[20:55] <webcs> yeah. there has really been nothing to report
[20:56] <webcs> JMS is in hibernation after the CBS debacle
[20:56] <Boothby> That';s too bad. :(  Then we have to MAKE something to report.
[20:56] <webcs> That would be nice...what would you suggest?
[20:56] <Allie> that's true, and it's something we've worked very hard at.  There are several sites with different reporting styles and different emphases, but we're very self-referential, creating a good net.
[20:56] <Kailin> Unity on this has been great to see. Also suggest, or something like that. Great newsgroup.
[20:56] <webcs> We have really some together...some good people in this group
[20:56] <Boothby> I suggest constantly emailing TNT, JMS, and the Sci-Fi channel about Crusade and how we can get it to work.
[20:56] <RiverOtter> CBS debacle?
[20:56] *** Derfel (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[20:57] <webcs> Thats what we do Boothby.
[20:57] <Derfel> I'm back
[20:57] <Boothby> Hmmm.....  No respnse?
[20:57] <webcs> CBS cancelled JMS's new show concept "World On Fire" at the last minute
[20:57] <Kailin> Constantly emailing JMS isn't going to do any good. He wants it to work, but doens't have the power to make it so.
[20:57] <webcs> Actually, it was FOX that pulled the plug I believe...anyway, same difference
[20:57] <Boothby> True.  Very true.
[20:57] <RiverOtter> Thanks.  So what is JMS doing now?
[20:58] <a_blip> Rising Stars
[20:58] <Boothby> I would think the Sci-Fi channle would really like this show in their schedule....
[20:58] <webcs> Writing
[20:58] <Kailin> I'm not sure, but I'll let you all know updated stuff on JMS after Gallifrey.
[20:58] *** warriorguyver2 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[20:58] <webcs> That's what we have been telling them for a year now
[20:58] <RiverOtter> Thanks Kailin
[20:58] <Boothby> How many people??
[20:58] <webcs> With true promotion this show woulod get good ratings.
[20:58] <Boothby> I agree.
[20:58] <Allie> well, JMS did say he'd be doing new B5 and Crusade stories in B5 mag...
[20:58] <RiverOtter> Crusade?
[20:58] <Allie> B5 at least.
[20:58] <cmcdunah> JMS has intimated that he has other irons in the fire, but hasn't given out any real details
[20:59] <webcs> That's a good least he's still involved
[20:59] <Kailin> His Amazing Stories article number 3 is due in the summer.
[20:59] <Boothby> How many people email these groups???
[20:59] <webcs> I doubt he'll tell us anything until it happens many things has gone down at the last minute its become embarrassing for him.
[20:59] <Kailin> actually, we write real letters, better that way.
[20:59] <Boothby> Yeah.  It is.
[20:59] <Allie> oh, we don't know really.  We focused on snail mail, as we felt it's too easy to email, and so doesn't say as much.
[21:00] <Boothby> Well, what if we can get 1000 to 3000 signatures or emails to the Sci-Fi Channel???
[21:00] <Kailin> I have a meeting to get to up in Los Angeles, so I must boogie. Will or Allie, please be so good as to email me anything important decided tonight.
[21:00] <Allie> we've got more than that already
[21:00] <Boothby> CYA Kalin
[21:00] <Boothby> Hmm....
[21:01] <webcs> Kailin...there will be a transcrpt on my site if you need it
[21:01] <Kailin> Bye all, gotta hit the freeway.
[21:01] <Allie> Kailin, find me later online if you'll be around.
[21:01] <Boothby> Well, what if we tried to get around 80 to 90 percent of the B5 sites out there to band together on this movement.
[21:01] <Kailin> Coolness Will, Allie, I'll be home no later than 10pm. See ya then.
[21:01] *** Kailin has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[21:01] <Allie> Ok, see ya round ten.
[21:01] <Allie> too late. :)
[21:02] <webcs> That is doable...most of the webmasters still updating will help,
[21:02] <RiverOtter> Have to go.
[21:02] <Derfel> a united front is always good
[21:02] <Allie> Boothby, we'd be happy for your help in that, but we did blitzkrieg all of the B5 sites that we could find with Crusade stuff way back when
[21:02] *** RiverOtter has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[21:02] <webcs> True...this stuff has been happening already boothby...constantly.
[21:03] <Boothby> Sounds like you have really been working at this thing....
[21:03] <webcs> for a long time
[21:03] <webcs> In roads have been made, but momentum must be picked up and sustained
[21:04] <Boothby> Well, is there a way we could attract more people?  Get some of the Stars to come in for special chat sessions?  Really promote this movement and get people to band together by actually giving them incentive?
[21:04] <Allie> seems hopeless truthfully...
[21:04] <webcs> Thats why I suggested you subscribe to the mailing list, because these type of topics are discussed constantly
[21:04] <Boothby> What's the address to it??
[21:04] <Allie> I hate to say so.  It's not that we aren't trying, but the real action is so far from our reach...
[21:04] <Boothby> Nothing is hopeless ALlie. :)
[21:04] <Allie> we sent Bonnie Hammer a Save Crusade t-shirt.
[21:04] <Allie> :)
[21:05] <webcs> SOme of the stars are involved in many ways, helping at conventions, etc.
[21:05] <Allie> I know, I'm not a pessimist at all.  Just feeling a bit like my hands are tied.
[21:05] <a_blip> I think we were at our highest when we bought the ads
[21:05] <Derfel> , savcrusade2x group
[21:05] <webcs> I agree....the ads thing was the best
[21:05] <Boothby> In great numbers, nothing is out of reach.  Remember, WE are in control.  Fans dictate what and what doesn't happen in sci-fi
[21:05] <Allie> Marjean, Carrie, and Peter are still working on this.
[21:05] <cmcdunah> I hear you, Allie.  Some of us have been emailing and posting and writing since before the show ever aired and here we are . . .
[21:05] <webcs> Maybe we should buy ad space again???
[21:06] <Derfel> did we ever get feedback on the ads by the way?
[21:06] <Allie> Gary Cole is basically gone and no one's heard anything from or about Daniel since Valley Forge in August.
[21:06] <webcs> Gary COle still doesnt have a series though does he?
[21:06] <a_blip> Gary Cole is doing a new movie
[21:06] <cmcdunah> Really the problem is with the suits at Warner Bros. and TNT.  The actors have all indicated that they would love to return.
[21:06] <Allie> oh, I didn't mean gone as in unavailable.
[21:07] *** Darlana has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[21:07] <a_blip> The Gift directed by Sam Raimi
[21:07] <Allie> Just gone as in no one from the cast seems to be in touch with him.
[21:07] <webcs> I really dont think WB is doing there best to find it a home.
[21:07] <webcs> And with JMS in a wait mode, there isnt any movement.
[21:07] <cmcdunah> That is for sure, webcs.  They seem content to let this franchise languish in limbo.
[21:07] <Boothby> You know, this type of thing happened about 36 years ago.  A show got cancelled and people kept it alive through diffeent channels and it eventually came back.  It took over a decade, but it finally happened.  It's called Star Trek.  Perhaps what we need is patient, perserverence and time...
[21:08] <webcs> Oh we are patient if anything
[21:08] <Boothby> Hehehehehe :)
[21:08] <a_blip> I don't think Crusade made much of an impression Gary
[21:08] <Allie> I'm not patient.
[21:08] <Allie> Not at all patient.
[21:08] <Allie> I want Crusade now dammit.
[21:08] <Boothby> Yeah.  I know what you mean Allie.
[21:08] <webcs> But B5 as a whole DID
[21:08] <Allie> <stifles a giggle>  pardon my belligerence.  I just needed to say that.
[21:08] <webcs> B5 is seen to be one of the best scifi shows in history in many circles.
[21:09] <webcs> I can't see how something so dense couldnt rise again eventually
[21:09] <a_blip> I meant: I don't think Crusade made much of an impression on Gary Cole
[21:09] <cmcdunah> JMS has burned out on the B5 universe.   Suits who throw monkey wrenches need to be no where in sight before he will be psyched about a return to the B5 franchise.
[21:09] <Allie> One thing that's encouraging anyway is that suddenly there does seem to be more sci fi content being offered... Frakes new show and Andromeda among them.
[21:09] <a_blip> I hate typing :-)
[21:09] <Boothby> To tell you the truth, perhaps Crusade is not the answer, maybe it would be best to go back to more of the B5 idea.  Less of a one ship, one crew, Star Trekish concept and more of a larger scope story...
[21:09] <webcs> Well Gary Cole isn't a fan, he just does his job I think.
[21:10] <webcs> Well, I personally think the best concept would be a B4 concept.
[21:10] <cmcdunah> That would be really cool
[21:10] <Boothby> YEah, something like that...
[21:10] <webcs> Something dealing with Galen and the travels of Babylon-4
[21:10] <webcs> Not Galen...duh
[21:10] <webcs> Valen...hehehe
[21:10] <Allie> hehe..
[21:10] <webcs> :)
[21:11] <a_blip> Gary already has one other show fans want to save (American Gothic)
[21:11] <cmcdunah> There's a chunk of story never told.
[21:11] <Allie> Hmmm...
[21:11] <cmcdunah> B4, I mean.
[21:11] <Derfel> there are many chunks
[21:11] <Allie> no, I'm not into prequels so much...
[21:11] <cmcdunah> True.
[21:11] <Boothby> People are going to be in dire need of good sci-fi.  Ds( is gone, Voyager is getting better, but is no Ds9 or B5, so there is a void of powerhouse sci-fi.
[21:11] <a_blip> And Crusade *would* have had a larger scope story
[21:11] <Boothby> That needs to be exploited...
[21:11] <webcs> There are certainly no FRANCHISES around anymore
[21:11] <a_blip> There are some intresting lines in the Crusade Writers Bible
[21:11] <Allie> although, I'd love to have the story of our first however many years after contact with the Centauri.
[21:12] <Derfel> but does SciFi have the budget to go alone on Crusade?
[21:12] <Allie> Dude, I'm telling you guys... one of the best sci fi shows that ever got canceled was Space Island One.
[21:12] <a_blip> On how to keep it from going stale
[21:12] <webcs> Well I know O'Hare would jump at a chance to play Valen...he's a huge supporter if that ever happened.
[21:12] <cmcdunah> Really?
[21:12] <Boothby> Do you think Paramount would pick it up??
[21:12] <Allie> Ballsy, because it was near future... tight because it was an ensemble cast in a space station.  Good good stuff.
[21:13] <Boothby> If they did so, they'd have the monoploy on Sci-Fi
[21:13] <Derfel> Very good stuff
[21:13] <Derfel> I can't see Paramount producing a competitor to ST
[21:13] <webcs> It amazes me...if B5 was ever given true money how good it could be.
[21:13] <Allie> MOH is not likely to get a call for a leading role... the truth is, he got let go of because the suits didn't think he was sexy enough or a good enough actor to carry the lead role...
[21:13] <cmcdunah> Sci Fi seems more interested in bringing us things we've never heard of.
[21:13] <Allie> I can't see how that's likely to change.
[21:14] <Derfel> . . . cause that's all SciFi can afford I bet
[21:14] <webcs> He wouldnt have to could be a true ensemble
[21:14] <Boothby> What about WB?  They're dying for something like this most likely.
[21:14] <webcs> Oh dont get me started on the WB thing
[21:14] <cmcdunah> WB has targeted the Dawson's Creek generation.
[21:14] <Allie> I'm all for it, but I'm not optimistic about the suits.
[21:14] <Allie> WB most emphatically does not want Crusade.
[21:14] <Boothby> Why?  I don't know much about that situation...
[21:15] <Boothby> Hmmm...  Why does no one want this thing?
[21:15] <Allie> Their idea of sci fi is Roswell.  Teen drama with an "aliens in hiding" recurring theme.
[21:15] <cmcdunah> They want mainstream, not niche market stuff, as they see it.
[21:15] <Allie> Mostly because they didn't think of it, and JMS is a pain in the ass.
[21:15] <Boothby> He is??
[21:15] <webcs> B5 definitely belongs on a TRUE scifi home
[21:15] <a_blip> And back in the PTEN days B5 was WBN's enemy
[21:16] <webcs> The best scenario right now in my opinion is somehow b5 reruns will wind up on a true scifi station.  Then the ratings will be solid and that channel will want more.
[21:16] <cmcdunah> Yeah, it's a shame Sci Fi didn't grab it up.  That's really where B5 belongs.  I am unsure of whether they are blind to that or whether they just can't pull it off.
[21:16] <Boothby> That's a good idea.
[21:16] <Boothby> I think if the Sci-FI channle got B5, it would really help the ratings.  TNT has put it in a REALLY weird time slot.
[21:16] <Derfel> I guess one of the big 4 net's is out of the question
[21:16] <Allie> yeah, he's a regular irritant.  He even admits that he's miserable to work with.
[21:17] <a_blip> scifi didn't get B5 because TNT bought the rights in 1995
[21:17] <webcs> I dont think many stations know how much of an impact that show will have in the future and we have to wait until it does.
[21:17] <webcs> Those rights are almost up I believe...correct Allie?
[21:17] <webcs> dont they expire in a month?
[21:17] <cmcdunah> JMS said Sci FI tried to get it when TNT dropped it but just couldn't make the math work.
[21:17] <Allie> Actually, Boothby... the coolest thing that SBAlliance could possibly do is band together fans to buy a network. :)
[21:17] <Boothby> Well, they didn't know the future of Star Trek so that makes sense...
[21:17] <Allie> Yes, I believe they are nearly up Will.
[21:18] <Boothby> Hehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:18] <cmcdunah> Yeow.  That's thinking big, Allie.
[21:18] <Boothby> I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:18] <Derfel> I lIKE it
[21:18] <Boothby> That would be awesome!
[21:18] <webcs> Hey guys...Majel Roddenberry is starting a ONLINE SCIENCE FICTION website for showing original shows online..that may be the future
[21:18] <Boothby> YOu know how much that would cost though????
[21:18] <Derfel> She's always supported B5
[21:18] <Allie> well, here's the thing... we wouldn't need to keep it running that long...
[21:18] *** Lenonn (cybernaut@*** has joined #scifi
[21:18] <cmcdunah> How does that work, webcs?
[21:18] <Allie> basically, we could do it as an nfp like PBS...
[21:19] <webcs> She is going to be producing animation and original shows to show online, via streaming technology.  Its in developement long-term but coming.
[21:19] <Boothby> How much do you think that would cost?
[21:19] <Allie> and, if we kept it alive for long enough to be a potential threat to the biggies, then we'd have some bargaining power.
[21:19] <Boothby> How much would it cost to claim the rights to Crusade??
[21:19] <Lenonn> Probably a LOT
[21:19] <Boothby> Yeah....
[21:19] <cmcdunah> Price is probably dropping.
[21:20] <Allie> Well, not really...
[21:20] <webcs> Here's a thought...what about a parady concept to raise awareness...something like BLAIR WITCH...we could tape it and show it online.
[21:20] <Derfel> yeah, but we would need cool items like the "disappearing Tardis" coffee mug for our pledge drives
[21:20] <Boothby> Are we talking 7 figure digits?
[21:20] <Lenonn> How long does TNT have rights to Crusade reruns?
[21:20] <webcs> I believe they are up in FEB.
[21:20] <Allie> The episodes themselves were each filmed for under 600K
[21:20] <Derfel> and why does TNT keep the Crusade web page active?
[21:20] <Allie> that's cheap for good sci fi.
[21:20] <Lenonn> Maybe a plea from Earth
[21:20] <Boothby> Well, I was thinking of Streaming B5 or Crusade if it's legal....
[21:21] <Allie> And, the rights... well... we wouldn't probably have to purchase the rights if everyone else's were expired.
[21:21] <cmcdunah> The right hand probably doesn't know or care what the left is doing over at TNT.
[21:21] <Lenonn> Anyone been contacted by Sci Fi recently?
[21:21] <cmcdunah> No.
[21:21] <Allie> And, if JMS has any interest in seeing Crusade continue (big question mark there), he might just let us do it to see what would come of the experiment.
[21:21] <Lenonn> I don't think "Lexx" will last very long
[21:21] <webcs> Its already lasted long...Its not a US show
[21:21] <cmcdunah> I think it will.
[21:21] <Boothby> Who actaully has the rights to Crusade right now?  Doies TNT have rights to the re-runs??
[21:22] <webcs> They are actually in season 3
[21:22] <Lenonn> God forbid
[21:22] <cmcdunah> I dig it.
[21:22] <Lenonn> If only Crusade year one could be released on DVD
[21:22] <cmcdunah> What little I've seen; I'm an optimist.
[21:23] <Boothby> If the Sci-Fi channel had rights to both Farscape and B5, they'd make some heads turn.....
[21:23] <cmcdunah> That would be cool.
[21:23] <webcs> There is a HUGE fanbase for LEXX in non-U.S. markets and SciFi got the rights pretty cheap so its a money maker regardless.
[21:23] <Lenonn> Too bad Sci Fi can't due a "Curse of the Blair Witch"/"Galaxy Quest 20th Anniversary Special" type documentary
[21:23] <Allie> Lexx does amazingly well in Canada.
[21:23] <Boothby> Because I've heard rumors that Paramount is thinking of making a sci-fi network also...
[21:23] <Allie> But then again... so did Crusade.
[21:23] <webcs> Showtime Beyond also is a possibility
[21:23] <Allie> Well, yes, they were thinking about that.
[21:23] <Lenonn> do
[21:23] <Boothby> And if they do so, I don't think the Sci-Fi Channel could compete...
[21:23] <cmcdunah> Sci Fi isn't going to kill Lexx.
[21:23] <webcs> They will be expanding constantly
[21:23] <Allie> Here's the thing with Paramount...
[21:24] <Allie> Paramount's sci fi channel WILL get rights to Trek.  Period.
[21:24] <Lenonn> Showtime is out of the question... many of us don't get it, and would have to wait for syndication ala Stargate SG-1
[21:24] <cmcdunah> Definitely
[21:24] <Allie> So, Skiffy and the others will be wanting sci fi big and bad.
[21:24] <a_blip> Paramount making a SF chanell would be wierd, since they are owned by Viacom, who owns Showtime Beyond
[21:24] <Lenonn> Maybe we should contact Paramount
[21:24] <Allie> The only franchise that comes close to competing is B5.
[21:24] <a_blip> I think
[21:24] <Lenonn> Just to see if we can get info on future plans for a sci fi channgel
[21:24] <Allie> Which means that if Skiffy wants to stay alive, they'll need B5.
[21:24] <webcs> THere would probalby be a merger at some point like what happened with the comedy channel
[21:25] <cmcdunah> I don't trust the geniuses at Paramount any more than WB or TNT . . .
[21:25] <Allie> And, last I heard, you can't have B5 without Crusade.
[21:25] <Allie> Paramount WILL NOT pick up B5.
[21:25] <Allie> It won't happen.
[21:25] <Lenonn> Maybe we should focus on a bunch of television movies for Crusade
[21:25] <Boothby> YEah.  And the Sci-Fi channel would NEED B5 just to stay in competition with a paramount-owned scifi network.
[21:25] <cmcdunah> Good.  Probably let Berman at it.
[21:25] <Lenonn> Like "Battlestar Galactica"
[21:25] <a_blip> Paramount certanly spent a lot of effort in trying to kill B5 in its early stages
[21:25] <Allie> I think I just said that.
[21:26] <Lenonn> But it didn't work
[21:26] <Boothby> That's too bad.
[21:26] <Allie> ;)
[21:26] <Boothby> I love Star Trek, but I hate Paramount....
[21:26] <Allie> The best hope Crusade has right now IMO
[21:26] <Allie> is that TNT's rights to B5 expire NEXT year.
[21:27] <Boothby> Good point.
[21:27] <Lenonn> Next year?
[21:27] <webcs> Next year?  I thought they did in FEB?
[21:27] <a_blip> The worst thing they did was convinceing Majel that B5 was a DS9 ripoff
[21:27] <Lenonn> Another year of missing it because I sleep in on Saturday?
[21:27] <Boothby> SOmeone will pick it up.  I just have a good feelin about that.
[21:27] <Lenonn> Majel has her own problems right now
[21:27] <webcs> There is no way TNT will keep it on much way.
[21:27] <Allie> When whomever is negotiating for new B5 negotiates, the first deal will probably offer B5, some new B5 movies, and Crusade as a one-shot deal
[21:27] <Boothby> It's not.  Not at all.   And DS9 is not a B5 ripoff....
[21:27] <webcs> She sure does.
[21:28] <Allie> They'll put pressure on the buyer to take it as such.
[21:28] <Lenonn> It's a shame we couldn't get Majel's help...
[21:28] <Boothby> What do you all think about B5: Under the Fire??
[21:28] <Allie> I think it's next year.  It's the rights to Crusade's eps that expire this year... unless I'm twisted and confused...
[21:28] <Lenonn> Into the Fire
[21:28] <webcs> Well, Majel is helping in her own way by expanding the SF universe past Trek.
[21:28] <Allie> I emailed Majel to get her help early on.
[21:28] <cmcdunah> Yes.
[21:28] <Lenonn> It was a shame... I was looking forward to the game SO much
[21:28] <Allie> She was very sweet and said she supports Joe, but there's simply nothing that she can do.
[21:28] <Boothby> Yeah, the B5 combat sim game cancelled by Sierra.
[21:29] <Derfel> Majel might have her hands full with Earth: FC
[21:29] <Lenonn> Well, at least she has "been there, done that"
[21:29] <cmcdunah> That show has fallen apart behind the scenes, apparently.
[21:29] <webcs> She's full go with Andromeda...and that will take up most of her time.
[21:29] <Lenonn> Tis a shame... if only Crusade and the game could come out at the same time... a rebirth of the B5 universe
[21:29] <Allie> Interesting that, because it's gotten a lot better.
[21:29] <Boothby> WEll, I think that game is FAR more important to the B5 franchise then people think...
[21:30] <cmcdunah> That could be interesting.  Has there been any further word on Boxleitner getting in on one of her shows?
[21:30] <webcs> Well, in short guys, there will be opportunities so dont get depressed and feel theres no hope.  There are possibilities
[21:30] <Lenonn> He will be some sort of recurring character
[21:30] <Allie> I heard it was a done deal.
[21:30] <Lenonn> as far as I recall
[21:30] <Lenonn> I just don't like sitting here waiting for news
[21:30] <webcs> The words "done deal" don't feel right to me anymore :)
[21:30] <Allie> my advoice?
[21:31] <Allie> stop waiting for news.
[21:31] <Allie> just carry on and when there's something we can all do to help, do it.
[21:31] <Allie> other than that...
[21:31] <Boothby> Personally, I see this as the transition of B5.
[21:31] <Lenonn> To me, that is synonymous with "Yee, abandon all hope"
[21:31] <Allie> <shrug>
[21:31] <cmcdunah> I think when Sci Fi gets beyond the financial need to shop for the bargain basement show deals only (sooner or later there won't be much left for them to grab up), we may be seeing them grab up B5.
[21:31] <Allie> Nono, don't abandon hope.
[21:31] <webcs> Yes, we have to conserve energy and be ready when something needs to be done
[21:31] <Boothby> Sooner or later, people will see how good of a show it is and it will be picked up again.
[21:31] <Allie> Do what you can, but don't sit there and wait... not much to listen for now.  Believe me.
[21:32] <Lenonn> Maybe we need to keep encouraging Sci Fi
[21:32] <Allie> If there was something going on, I'd know about it.
[21:32] <Allie> well, maybe that's an overstatement... :)
[21:32] <Boothby> It might just take time guys....
[21:32] <webcs> All my sources have said one movement.  Its just a wait period.
[21:32] <Allie> but I'd have heard hope in the voices of my contacts.
[21:32] <cmcdunah> I mean like next year or so.  They're still trying to grow.
[21:33] <cmcdunah> Maybe later than that.
[21:33] <Lenonn> The Rangers... sitting, waiting for a thousand years, to see if the Shadows have come back
[21:33] <Allie> boothby, mind if I ask you a... personal question?
[21:33] <Boothby> Exactly. :)
[21:33] <webcs> Definitely any future revolves around who gets the rights to B5 and when...that is the next step
[21:33] <Boothby> Sure. :)
[21:33] <Allie> no reason for it really, just wondering where you get your energy, so... how old are you?
[21:33] <Allie> :)
[21:33] <webcs> until that happens we cant really play the chess game so to speak
[21:33] <Lenonn> Is there any chance whatsoever TNT could get the rights to B5 again?
[21:33] <Boothby> I'm 20.
[21:33] <Allie> exactly Will.
[21:33] <Allie> Ah.
[21:33] <webcs> THEY DONT WANT IT NOW
[21:34] <Lenonn> Thank God
[21:34] <Boothby> I get my energy through hope and a positive outlook. :)
[21:34] <Allie> Good for you.
[21:34] <cmcdunah> How many of you post regularly to BBoards?
[21:34] <Boothby> How old are you?
[21:34] <Lenonn> Which ones?
[21:34] <Derfel> occassional bboard poster
[21:34] <Allie> I get mine from coffee and constant ideas.
[21:34] <Allie> Me? I'm 29.
[21:34] * webcs is 25
[21:34] <cmcdunah> Any in the genre.
[21:34] <Boothby> Hehehehehehehe :)
[21:34] <Lenonn> I post semiregularly... when I get back from winter break, I will become a regualr again
[21:34] <Derfel> 29 here too
[21:34] <cmcdunah> 28
[21:34] <Lenonn> I am 19
[21:35] * a_blip is 19
[21:35] <webcs> Wow what a marketing profile...hehehe
[21:35] <Boothby> Yeah, they say the youth is full of hope and dreams. :)  I don't want to ever lose that though.
[21:35] <Lenonn> I was just a little worried about the effects of today's merger
[21:35] <Derfel> there's a definite "burnout' factor here - the people who have been involved the longest are also the most tired
[21:35] <cmcdunah> No reason to.  You do get more practical with age, though.
[21:35] <Boothby> I don't think it has to do with age.
[21:35] * a_blip has a VISA, and isn't afraid to use it..
[21:35] <Boothby> True. :)
[21:35] <webcs> Well, all I can say guys is the 19-29 year olds will rise to power some day and changes will come.  People in our group will remember what was and want it again.
[21:35] <Allie> I'm not sure practical is what I'd call it.
[21:35] <Lenonn> Same here, a_blip... within $700 or so
[21:35] <webcs> A-blip
[21:36] <cmcdunah> I'm staying positive.
[21:36] <Lenonn> "I live for The One, I die for The One"
[21:36] <Boothby> Yep.  This will all take time, but sooner or later, all will work out for the best. :)
[21:36] * a_blip certenly had enough dough to by the *ubercool* Crusade jacket
[21:36] <Lenonn> Lucky, a_blip
[21:36] <Lenonn> Well, I'll go now
[21:37] <Lenonn> But if you want to contact me
[21:37] <Derfel> what I really want is a Ranger broach
[21:37] <Lenonn> My ICQ number is 19113807
[21:37] <Boothby> Well, I must be going.  It was GREAT to tlak to you all and I promise I'll be staying in touch.
[21:37] <Lenonn> And AIM name is Drala Fi
[21:37] <Boothby> I would love to see you all on the web board at
[21:37] <Boothby> Thank you so much for having me!
[21:37] <webcs> thanks boothby and thanks to you all
[21:38] <cmcdunah> I mentioned the BBoard question because I posted all over the Farscape Board @ Sci Fi from the first date the TNT crap came out, as well as other Boards there.  I didn't find much help with raising Crusade awareness.   Maybe this could be a goal.
[21:38] <webcs> Keep the faith
[21:38] <Allie> bye boothby!
[21:38] <Boothby> See you all around.
[21:38] <Boothby> I'll contact you Allie.
[21:38] <cmcdunah> Later
[21:38] <Allie> ok, I'll be waiting to hear from you.
[21:38] <Lenonn> Kater
[21:38] *** Boothby has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[21:38] <Lenonn> later
[21:38] <a_blip> bye
[21:38] *** Lenonn (cybernaut@*** has left #scifi
[21:38] <webcs> I'll see ya all around best to ya
[21:39] <Allie> leaving Will?
[21:39] * webcs ".....end chat transcript....9:39 EST"
[21:39] <webcs> yes, gotta go...anything you need to talk about?
[21:39] <cmcdunah> Does this thing shut down now?
[21:39] <webcs> no you can stay if you want to
[21:39] <webcs> for as long a syou want
[21:40] <webcs> it is actually open 24/7
Session Close: Mon Jan 10 21:41:55 2000

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