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How to logon to our live chats: 

You can logon in one of two ways: via a web browser (it must be JAVA enabled) or via the IRC (Internet Relay Chat).  You may use any username you wish and a password is not required.  You do not have to pre-register.  Our chat room is called #scifi (or scifi).  


By entering our SciFi chat room you agree to allow your comments to be recorded, and you waive all rights to your comments.  All chats will be posted here in transcript form for the public to see. 

Web Browser Logons: 

Press the GO icon below and wait a few seconds for your JAVA to load.  Make sure your browser is JAVA enabled and images are set to on.  If you get an error, your browser probably isn't JAVA enabled.  Simply go into your browser options or preferences menu and select JAVA on.  This will solve your problems.  Just fill out the following and press go to logon!  (1) Enter your username when asked (2) you will be taken automatically to channel scifi.  If not: type /join #scifi when you are logged on. 

go*[please read our disclaimer before logging on] 

IRC Logons: 

You can also use an IRC program to connect.  Any IRC program will do.  To connect, set your program to goto server on port 6667.  Then goto room #scifi.  This can be done by typing /join #scifi after you have logged on.  Read our disclaimer above before logging on. 

About Our Chats: 

If a speaker is scheduled the first half hour of our scheduled event is called a warmup, when all guests gather to chat and prepare for the event.  Don't be late.  There is limited seating available.  Make sure to follow the moderator's instructions at all times, if there is one.  To ask a question of the quest send a message to the moderator in the following form: 

    /msg webcs Enter your question here.
Questions will be selected randomly by the moderator, so be patient.  We will try to get to as many of them as possible.  So make sure to stay online for the entire chat. 



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