WEBster Computing Services
Switching Your Domain Name Registry

    There are many reasons to transfer your domain name to our registry. The first is our low prices. More importantly, switching to our registry allows us greater control over your domain in the event of emergencies or server moves. Making a registry switch to us is easy. It costs $15 per additional year of registration plus a $5 setup fee.

  1. You must have an active website account with us. We only do this service for our current clients.
  2. You must be the owner of the domain name. However, this transfer will not result in any change in domain name ownership. If you are interested in that, visit our ownership change page after you go through this process.
  3. Make sure the email address of record for this domain name is accurate at the old registry and that you have the username and password to logon to the old registry. We will need this.
  4. The domain name must NOT be expiring within 15 days time. For safety, we will not do transfers this close to the expiration date. If you are this close, renew your domain name with the current registry then come to us. Never let your domain name expire. You also don't have to wait till the end of your registration period to transfer a domain name.
  5. If the above is all in order, CLICK HERE to visit the domain order page. Enter all required information and pay for your transfer.
  6. The process usually takes 5-13 days. Do not assume a transfer was successful until the domain name appears in our database system.

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