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Press release relayed from various news outlets |April 4th, 2000|

SciFi Channel Picks Up B5 from TNT!!!!

The SCI FI Channel has acquired exclusive rights to the Emmy Award-winning SF

series Babylon 5, the cable network announced Monday, April 3. The series
will premiere on SCI FI beginning Sept. 25 and will air Monday through Friday
at 7 p.m. ET.

In a deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Pay TV, Cable and Newtork Features, SCI
FI picked up the rights to all 112 hour-long episodes of the series, as well
as four two-hour telefilms based on the show.

"Babylon 5 is one of sci-fi fans' favorite series. We are thrilled to be able
to add it to our schedule," said Bonnie Hammer, executive vice president and
general manager of The SCI FI Channel.

The series, which won an Emmy for visual effects in 1993, was created by J.
Michael Straczynski and was co-executive produced by Straczynski and Douglas
Netter. It stars Bruce Boxleitner, Michael O'Hare, Richard Biggs, Andrea
Thompson, Jeff Conaway, Bill Mumy, Jerry Doyle, Tracy Scoggins and Claudia

Press release relayed from Alisa |Feb 16th, 2000|

Crusade for a Cure Charity Fund Raiser Announcement

Last year, when TNT canceled J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5 spinoff
Crusade, a group of fans joined  together in an effort to save the
show.   As we fought together, we discovered that we shared not only a
love of Babylon 5 and Crusade, but also a passionate commitment to the
progressive values advocated in these shows and other quality science
fiction.  To put this energy to use, a group of us have formed a new
nonprofit corporation, The Ulysses Foundation*, which will raise money for
research that melds scientific progress and social justice.  The
proceeds of our fundraising campaigns will be donated to reputable
research institutions engaged in projects that reflect our interests.

In the spirit of the Excalibur's mission and in honor of Crusade, the
Ulysses Foundation is proud to announce our first campaign:

                    Crusade for a Cure:
                    A Call to Arms against AIDS

     ". . .  to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield."

Crusade for a Cure is a year-long fundraising drive culminating in a
convention and gala dinner, the purpose of which is to raise money for
research toward affordable AIDS vaccines and treatments.

The convention and dinner will be held at the Doubletree Hotel, in Costa
Mesa, California  on September 15-17, 2000.  David Allen Brooks and Maggie
Egan are *confirmed* as guests, and Peter Woodward, Carrie Dobro, and
Marjean Holden have expressed their willingness to participate.
Invitations are also being sent to Daniel Dae Kim, Gary Cole, Tracy Scoggins,
Richard Biggs, Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Conaway, Tim Choates, Steven Furst, Fiona
Avery, Evan Chen, John Vulich, and others.  (Note: Guests reserve the right to
cancel their appearances due to emergencies or other professional commitments.)
All profits from the convention, dinner, and sales of related merchandise will
be donated to a premier AIDS research foundation.

Convention Rates: Weekend Membership $55
Saturday gala dinner plus Weekend Membership $110
Saturday gala dinner for non-members $70
Friday luau and Weekend Membership $75
Dinner, luau, and Weekend Membership $130

These rates are good until May 1, after which there will be a rate
increase. From today through February 20 we are offering a special,
introductory rate: subtract $5 from the above prices.

Hotel contact infomation: Doubletree Hotel Orange County
                                3050 Bristol Street
                                Costa Mesa, CA 92626
                               (714)  540-7000 - Fax:(714)540-9176

room rates: Single Occupancy:  $  89.00
Double Occupancy:  $  99.00
Triple Occupancy:  $109.00
Quadruple Occupancy: $109.00

Be sure to mention that you are with "Crusade for a Cure" to get
these special rates. Also note: rates are only guaranteed through August
31st, so reserve your spot early.

For further information and to order tickets for the convention and dinner
come to the Ulysses Foundation website,
In the near future, Crusade for a Cure merchandise including t-shirts,
postcards, and more will also be available on the site.  You can send questions
about the convention to  Send all other
inquiries to or

*Note: the Ulysses foundation is a registered corporation in the State of
California.  Until such time as state and federal tax exempt status is
granted, contributions to Crusade for a Cure: A Call to Arms against AIDS
are not guaranteed tax-deductible.  For questions about legal issues, tax
status, or contributions, contact Alisa Schreibman at

Press release relayed from Heather Fleming |June 25th, 1998|

Crusade for Crusade Kicks into High Gear

Earlier this year, Babylon 5 fans were stunned by news that TNT had canceled
production on the eagerly anticipated sequel, Crusade, after only 13 episodes
had been filmed. Reports of conflict between TNT and J. Michael Straczynski,
creator of both Babylon 5 and Crusade, immediately began to circulate. TNT was
alleged to have asked Straczynski to spice up Crusade's "cerebral" science
fiction, to make the show more interesting to non-science fiction audiences.
Straczynski, whose dramatic screenwriting is popularly and critically
acclaimed, felt it would compromise his own and the show's integrity to add
gratuitous elements. TNT then canceled Crusade citing "creative differences"
with Straczynski. TNT is uninterested in continuing Crusade and, to date, no
other network has picked up the series. The Sci Fi Channel, however, has
expressed some interest in producing Crusade. In response to the impasse
between Straczynski and TNT, and more especially Sci Fi Channel's expressions
of interest, Babylon 5 fans have banded together in an effort to save Crusade.
The Crusade for Crusade's Internet-based campaign has been underway since
February, but it kicked into high gear this month with the debut of Crusade on
TNT as a special limited series.

In late spring, the Crusade for Crusade came up with a plan to place ads in
well-circulated magazines calling attention to Crusade's plight. Naysayers
said the campaign would go nowhere, but the fundraising drive earned over
$6000 in less than two months. Two different ads were purchased with the
funds: one in Sci-Fi Entertainment (August issue on newsstands now) and one
in Daily Variety (June 9th). Modeled after some flyers the Crusade had
designed for local distribution, the Sci-Fi Entertainment ad aimed primarily
to enlist genre fans in the fight to save Crusade. The Daily Variety ad,
designed by members of the Crusade for an entertainment industry audience,
sold Crusade on its merits.

Another integral part of the campaign has been the flyers and Internet
bulletins publicizing Crusade and encouraging people to watch. These blitzes
seem to be having the desired effect. Crusade debuted on June 9th to a market
share of 1.9!  For cable, especially science fiction, these ratings are quite
remarkable. The quarterly breakdown - 1.8, 1.9, 1.9, 2.0 - shows that Crusade
gained viewers steadily throughout the hour and retained those who tuned in.
The second episode, "The Long Road", which aired opposite the NBA Finals and
a new episode of South Park, drew somewhat lower ratings (an average share of
1.4), but it was well received by fans. In Canada, where Crusade does not
compete with the NBA Finals, on Space: The Imagination Station, which has
done a superb job promoting Crusade, the show is doing so well that its
ratings have doubled the usual ratings for Babylon 5 (which were very good
to begin with). Bravo Space! If Crusade continues to earn between 1 and 2
points, chances are good that it will see a second season. So the Crusade for
Crusade asks everyone to keep watching!

Now that Crusade has hit the airwaves Crusade for Crusade's letter-writing
campaign (which began in February) has really picked up steam. Previous letter
writing had focused on networks and news/entertainment magazines in a dual
effort to publicize Crusade and to get the show picked up for another season.
Current efforts continue to target networks, especially the Sci-Fi Channel
which is the most likely new home for Crusade. The campaign now also targets
sponsors of Crusade whose advertising business is very influential with
networks; letters to episode sponsors let them know that their support of
good television has been noted and is much appreciated. So far, the response
to the letter campaign has been outstanding. Letters to the Editors have been
printed in a number of newspapers, sponsors have thanked the group for their
letters, and Crusade has received coverage (including the fan campaigns) in
TV Guide, newspapers, and other sources.

The battle for Crusade is far from over; it's just taking off. But, the
Crusade for Crusade needs your help. Please visit "Crusade for Crusade" at and "Crusade - The Quest for Life" at for more information.
Spread the word, and watch Crusade. If you like what you see, write to the
Sci-Fi Channel to ask them to pick up Crusade at:

Time is of the essence. The actors' contracts will expire in mid-July, so
a decision will be made in short order. Even mountains can be moved one pebble
at a time. Lend your voice to the Crusade for Crusade!


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