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Episode 1.3 - Well of Forever

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[Episode Written By: Fiona Avery] (6/24/99)

Galen takes the crew for a ride deep into unknown jump-space where the crew encounters an ancient burial monument, and loses Gideon's trust in the process.  Matheson confronts a telepath with the knack for scanning thoughts he shouldn't.

This type of episode has been done countless times in science fiction:  a ship goes into unknown territory in search of a mystical place.  Although its been seen before, the spin put on this version was interesting.  There was some nicely written dialogue and this episode marks the second straight "talkie," but the B5 universe never bores when the writing is this good.   Look for an odd alien mating ritual that made me think immediately of the TNT rumors of "sex" being introduced into the series.  I know its a stretch, but I couldn't help thinking it.

We are still waiting for the ENTIRE main cast to be used together in one episode.  And I'm still not sure why Lockley is even in the opening.

The Excalibur is getting cooler by the second.  It seems to be larger and larger each episode.  In the pilot and first ep's we saw very little of the craft and it frankly seemed cramped.  Gave you the impression that the bridge took up 25% of the ship (just from visual perspective).  But here we are introduced to horizontal elevators, as well as a number of other facilities (including a training room and a dining area).  Now the question is: what's not on the ship.

One word: better.  Although softer, haunted tones are still needed.  A lack of diversity is apparent.


Nicely done all around.  Can't recall one moment where an actor flubbed a line.  Galen (Peter Woodward) has to be the king of pronouncing words fully.  Ain't it great.  Gideon (Gary Cole) is growing on me real quick.  Not sure specifically who he reminds me of.  Could there be a perfect mix between Sheriden and Sinclair there?  Could be!  Max (Brooks) seems like he could be a good villain eventually, but has yet to get an episode to demonstrate his acting range.  Sort of reminds you of the Dr. from Lost in Space.  Something tells me he is going to cause a lot of trouble.

Gideon seems to be a avid poker player.


Nothing original plot wise here.  One man's search for the equivalent of perfection, hidden deep in the cosmos.  Seen it done in movie form in Star Trek V.  Didn't like it then, but did like it here for some reason.  However, we did get a lot of info on what makes the main characters tick and what their weaknesses may be.  B5 dialogue at its best.  Is was a little scetchy what the rock Galen used to find the well was for.  Was it part of the well that acted as a beacon or something entirely different.


Not much CGI to show for in this episode.  The jellyfish-like hyperspace aliens were cool and original.  But I was very disappointed in the background around Galen when he was in the sanctuary.  It yelled "BLUE SCREEN."  But the Excalibur hanging in the background made the scene for some reason.  Perhaps because its the first time we've seen it from that perspective.


  1. Bureau of Telepath Integration monitor's telepaths.  Tries to detect when they go astray.  There agents are normally called Mr. Jones.
  2. Telepaths no longer are required to wear gloves in public.
  3. Galen has saved Gideon's life more than once.
  4. Exposure to hyperspace temporarily increases a telepaths powers.  This increase can lead to uncontrollable scans.
  5. arc: The PsiCorps has been disbanded by the Senate.
  6. Some telepaths still wear a smaller Psi logo.
  7. A mage's ship does not have enough power to fly through some hyperspace currents.  It does have it limits.
  8. A mage's ship can fly off the hyperspace beacons undetected.
  1. The PsiCorps has been disbanded, but are some underground elements of it still in existence?
  2. What things have Matheson done as a telepath that would require Gideon to protect him as he did?

  3. How much does Gideon know himself?
  4. What secrets does Galen's ship hide?

  5. Prediction:  It may not be what it appears to be, even in physical appearance.
  6. Galen promises that he will not break Gideon's trust again.  Can he be trusted?